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TV | The Walking Dead, Season 6

Still quite a lot of time to spare till the start of Season 6. But because we have Fear the Walking Dead in August I guess it makes sense. It's quite nice to have 2 series of the same type behind each other. Because the spin-off will only have 6 episodes. This will line up next. I guess it's the best trailer in ages for The Walking Dead ! Okay Season 5 already had an awesome trailer. And this even has more in it I guess. I saw a lot of things in it. It seems Morgan takes the lead. And Nicholas still want Glenn dead ? Erin is cheatin' on Carl ? Maggie remains alive, almost thought she wouldn't because of earlier footage in the same trailer. And Rick is just gun-blazin' the whole time it seems. It's nice to have some 'brains' again in The Walking Dead.

11 10 '15 | AMC, FOX