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TV | The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 16

So last week we saw Enid and Carl getting along, finally. Daryl and Aaron on the road. But most of all Rick losing it on Pete, because of what he does to Jesse (and Sam). We also saw the different stories between Glenn and Nicholas. And we have Sascha, Michone and Rosita cuttin' through walkers. Nicholas has the 'J gun', as we find out... Wil he use it ? This week we have a longer episode. And it's the final as well... We start with a character who we wanted back for a long time: Morgan. He is woken up in a car, which is wrecked. During his morning tea he is disturbed by 2 wolf-members. The first one talks a bit with him. Something about an indians tribe. Looking for groups, camps, survivors in general. The W on there head is a bounty put there by Natives so to speak. But the heads are back now. "Everything gets a return" as Morgan says... Taking everything that people have is there thing. Including people! He wants everything that Morgan has. Morgan replies that he can have his supplies and stuff but not him. He can not allow it. When he wants to grab his rifle he is ordered to sit. The other W person wants to slit his throat but Morgan that grabs his stick and knock them out. Because they don't want to stop attacking. When a walker comes out the woods he want to shoot with one of the guns from the W-dude, but it's empty. So all of this was a fake-threat ? He lays the two in the back off the car on top of each other. Sounds the horn to atrack walkers to it. We then see Aaron and Daryl on the road stopping in the middle of the woods... On the look for the W's or Morgan ? It's cut-off, so we can catch up later...

We have Rick inside a abandoned home. Michone is there waiting for him to wake up and questioning Rick. Carol, Glenn and Abraham come in. It's a bit confusing what is going on. Dianne has a meeting about Rick that night for everyone that wants to be there. Why did Rick do what he did ? Carol tells Rick said he needed the spare gun in case of fight or Jesse was in trouble and that she should tell stories. She did that from the start. With or without him saying so. Abraham asks what happens after that. Well they don't need guns for the people of Alexandria, knifes will do just fine (as Carol replies). Rick tells all of them that they will go tonight. If it goes bad Rick will whistle and they should then grab Dianne, Spencer and Reg and threaten to slit there throats ? Like Terminus Glenn asks, well no. We talk if that doesn't turn out they will force them to give there weapons and that's it... He confesses he screwed up and didn't want this to happen. But he had his limit.

Maggie meanwhile keeps an eye on Gabriel. Washing his clothes. She doesn't trust him anymore after he spilled shit about the group. Maggie talks to Dianne. How Dianne sees it. How Reg sees it. What they want to hear. How they decide what to do with Rick. Even if the Survivors lost things. So did Alexandria. Maggie does has Reg on her side it seems. We then see Sascha digging graves and putting the walkers in there, who attacked the walls last week. When she slips into the grave she lays down on top of the walkers. Really depressed it seems. We then catch up with Daryl and Aaron again tracking people. Setting up the microphone, so they can listen in on them. Aaron meanwhile confesses to Daryl. That he, Aiden and Nicholas took 2 men and 1 women outside Alexandria and drop them with 1 day of supplies without guns. Leaving them behind. It's the same we hear about during the first practice sweep, and the sweep it self in the supply store from Nicholas and Aiden. Carol then wakes Rick up. That is was good what happened. And that she didn't tell Glenn, Michone and Abraham about the rest of the guns in case they went for Alexandria. Rick says he deserved it. Carol disagrees on it. It was stupid, she even says. Rick walks out on to the streets passing by Tobin and Dianne. Glenn sees how Nicholas is climbing the walls. It seems like a trap. Rick and Carl meet up. Rick needs to tell the people of Alexandria, even if they don't want to listen. What he needs to tell is unclear. Daryl and Aaron are at a former food factory. Gathering goods for the people they may find. But it seems like they come on a ground that is not that deserted and the trucks are rigged. Dayrl opens one of the trucks and all three open up and lets walkers loose on to them. The place is soon crawling with walkers. Daryl knocks some walkers out with a chain. They get inside a car. The rest of the walkers in the trucks are cut in half. Just like we saw around Shirewilt. Also with W's on them as I see it. Are these places connected. Is this the place from the W's / Wolfs ? Aaron finds a note in the car: "Trap, Bad People Coming, Don't stay".

Carol visits Pete, who has been moved in a different house. Carol wants him to look after Tara. He refuses on which point Carol threatens Pete. Teasing him. For beating up Jesse. Being all macho and such. "Your a small weak nothing". Pete then trashes the place. For not being his house. We catch back up with Nicholas. Glenn in pursuit of him. Gabriel is also out of Alexandria and without a gun. Glenn is shot in his shoulder by Nicholas, out of nowhere. But Glenn gets away, fast. Rick meanwhile visits Jesse. Jesse tells him whatever happened that he was right. Pete sees him leaving. Aaron and Daryl talk about getting out. Daryl wants to go on his own. For a run to the fence. But Aaron won't let him. They will fight together he says. On the moment they want to escape Aaron sees a walker being killed out of nowhere and he is grabbed out of the car. The threat from the note ? No ! It's Morgan !!! They can escape trough the first fence. During there catch-up Morgan denies coming with them to Alexandria but says he is lost. And gives the map to Daryl. (The same map from the church that Abraham left for Rick. So in a way that circle is already complete this season). Daryl sees the note. Morgan doesn't know why Daryl doesn't say anything but he senses it... Gabriel is cutting through the forest. Luring away a walker that is having 'lunch'. When the walker comes at him he sees the other dead-body reaching for stick (trying to). He succesfully kills the walker by pulling the rope through his neck. And smashing the head with a rock. He also knockes out the dead-body with the same rock. Gabriel then has a break- down. Sometimes I don't understand him. Confessing to Dianne that the group is terrible but in a way also reacting the same to walkers and wanting to fight. He then returns to Alexandria. When Spencer asks him to close the gate. Gabriel is doing so non-gental. So the gate is still open in a way.

Abraham visits Tara (Rosita and Eugene are there as well). Abraham wants to keep quiet but Rosita makes that impossible. Eugene is awake, by the sound that Rosita made. They finally have a talk which was long 'out' since Eugene confessed he lied to the group. Eugene told Tara that he got the group there when it was Abraham / Rick all along. Nicholas is still in the woods hunting for Glenn. Glenn then suprises him when he is distracted by a walker. Punching Nicholas. A couple of walkers coming and Nicholas makes him self going scared. Leaving Glenn behind. This is were we need the Kleenex for ? (As Daryl told on Twitter ?) Rick and Michone have a talk about last week about what he, Carol and Daryl had planned. But Michone is still on there side. Wise words coming out of her mouth: some things are going to happen, just dont make things happen... we hear the words Rick had with Bob. He thought Bob was wrong. But there is a sense of truth in there.

Rick then sees the gate still open. With blood on the gate-hinch. It's all over the concrete. So it's inside already. He closes the gate. It's night-fall. Dianne already wants to start the 'talk' and finds it a shame Rick isn't there. But Maggie and Michone already say he will be there. So will Glenn. Nicholas is still in the woods. Rick is still on the hunt for Glenn. Sascha is with Gabriel in the church. He says that she should be dead and that what she did can't be un-done. They freak out on each other. Rick faces 3 walkers. Glenn knocks Nicholas down out of nowhere, payback ! We then sees the Wolfs who caputered the red-poncho guy (that Daryl and Aaron followed earlier) they are at the food factory. And are the 2 same Wolf people who tried to knock down Morgan at the start of the episode. They slit his throat and enter the area of the factory. Meanwhile Michone, Carol, Abraham and Maggie are letting the people hear the Rick-side of things. Dianne then says what Gabriel told her. Jesse and Maggie stand up for that. Glenn has Nicholas in gun point. So has Sascha with Gabriel. Rick then enters the talk with one of the walkers. Glenn meanwhile can't seem to kill Nicholas like Rick 'could' do. Maggie comes to the rescue of Gabriel and Sascha. Glenn brings Nicholas back. Tara comes back to congious. One of the Wolf men have taken the bag Aaron appearently left behind. With all the pictures from Alexandria with even Rick and Carl together on one photo. Pete runs into the talk with the katana from Michone. Screaming Rick isn't one of them. Reg wants to keep him off. Reg gets his throat slit. Abraham and Michone get to Pete. Dianne simply begs Rick to kill Pete: "do it". (They finally get the big picture ? Thank god !). But then Aaron, Daryl and Morgan are in the door step. With that the episode ends. After the end credits we then see Michone hanging back her Katana on the wall... Or doesn't she ? She is carrying it again instead. And we see WOLVES NOT FAR on the van that Daryl and Aaron were in... Cliffhanger ? Well yeah somehow. But I will go into that next week. As a deciding Review on this season.