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TV | The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 15

Last week we saw the search party in trouble. And Gabriel ratting-out the group. So what will happen now ?

We see the family: dianne, reg and spencer griefing about the loss of Aiden. Dianne puts one of Aiden mixes in the CD player. Carol is preparing a small meal, and we see Sam. He puts it in front of Dianne's home ?! With a note: We are truly sorry for your loss. We see pieces of Sascha, at first not capable to take down another walker but then suddenly she is. We see Daryl / Aaron shooting a walker down. They see something in the trees / house near that spot. Dianne let the meal outside and the note she burns. Is this all because of last episode ? Where Gabriel confronted her and the 'mis-hap' with Aiden in the factory storage area ?

We then see multiple versions of how it went down in the storage area. Nicholas and Glenn all have there opinion about it. We already heard last week that Nicholas and Aiden did let there former search party behind. And now with Aiden gone, Nicholas is sill trying to blame Glenn, Tara and Eugene (and Noah) for what happened.Rick is hearing Glenn out. Dianne is re-watching the statement from Nicholas with a very interesting line on recording from Dianne: you don't know what I see Nicholas. I see a big deal. Glenn wants to make the Safe Zone work, cause Noah saw it could work. Rick on the other hand still thinks the people don't know the outside world and so they can't judge properly.

We then see Rick and Carol watching on Jesse and her boys. Some weird stuff is going on with them. Carol talked a bit more to Sam. That Jesse sometimes tells him to lock himself inside his closet. And not to come out until the morning rises. Carol goes in a bit more detail. Rick then stops her and asks her why she cares for Jesse. Carol just reply's: you know why and I know why you do. Rick then 'meets' up with Pete by the pond. Pete does act like nothing really happened. But if you can recall. Pete acted strange on the porch. When Rick (and the group) just arrived. He also acted strange during the party and during the last 2 episodes in general. Rick makes him clear (with holding on to his small side-arm) KEEP WALKING !

We then 'cut to the chase' with Michone. Waking up. Rosita walks in. Tara is stable. Sascha on the other hand has not came back from her 'watch'. Abraham is now on 'watch'. Michone and Rosita are going to look for her. Along the way they about the way they handle stuff now compared to there life before Alexandria. Then Rick shows sympathy for Dianne, standing at the 4 graves. When he confronts her about Pete she reply's she knew already. And that she hoped it would get better. They have quite a heated discussion what to do with Pete because he also is saving lifes. Separate them but then, if it doesn't stop ?! Rick wants to kill him. Dianne wants to expelle him. But Rick is quite intelligent on this turf. What if he comes back, and the watch tower needs to shoot him. Or they don't know how he comes back... Dianne is pretty clear tough. It already has been decided she finally replies. On a view more coments of Rick. He will be expelled if it doesn't stop. And that he shouldn't suggest it anymore (killing someone).

Meanwhile Michone and Rosita finds walkers. Michone says something about Sascha, that she is out to long or on to 'them'. We then see Carl still following Enid. Enid tells him to stop with that. But what she may not know is that Carl cares for her. They run together. Forgetting how the world is now-a-days. They then see a walker. Enid lures him to a kitchen-watch. They can then escape without notice... Enid says to Carl that they are suppose to live outside. That she is trying not to forget how it's like outside the walls. They talk about before the safe-zone. Enid replies that it doesn't matter what happened before. Carl knows otherwise. Then they are scared by other walkers and hide in a hollow tree, close to each other ;) Enid tells Carl: It's there (the walkers) world, we are just living in it... Enid then finds out Carl is slightly afraid of her. Just like she is afraid of Carl. (And they are in love :p But I also see how they could lead another group/community when it's time for them). We then see another walker with a 'W' on his head. Glenn meanwhile confronts Nicholas (who is cleaning the van). Nicholas is angry at Glenn but Glenn just sees the things how they are. And what/how Nicholas propably survived all this time. Nicholas sees it as a tread. Glenn replies some what akward: I'm saving you !

We then need to skip back a bit. Know how Rick left behind a gun before they entered the safe zone. It appears that Nicholas found it. And he goes to his hiding place and collects it. Sascha is being found by Michone and Rosita, while she is chasing down some walkers. She is sick of playing defense, and when Michone asks she replies: she is taking on all of them. She comes in sight of some more. Michone sees herself in the way Sascha is behaving. And finally sees herself the way we saw her at the end of Season 2 (with saving Andrea). She and Rosita are helping her out. Even if Sascha says they shouldn't. They are 'alive' again... But Sascha still doesn't want there help. She collapses (a bit). And goes back in time when they were on route to Washington. She then said to Noah that he wouldn't make it. And she is still blaming herself for it. And that she can't be helped.

Daryl and Aaron are tracking the one spot of living they saw the other night. Finding a walker chopped in to pieces. The way we / they also saw in Shirewilt. We see sunglasses. (I don't know about you. but I see Morgan appearing in the grand-final of this season). They also find a female walker tide up to a tree. Torn apart by walkers ?! Also with a 'W' on her head. The torn apart bit is done with her still alive it seems. And as Daryl grabs her head she comes to live as a walker. We then come to Jesse and Rick. He confronts her that Pete is hitting on her, and that it has to stop (because she says that Tara is in good hands with Pete). Jesse tells Rick that she has helped him before with his anger/hitting people. He confronts her that if it goes from bad to worse that the next step for Pete would be to kill her. And Rick can't afford that to happen. Jesse replies somehow angry. That she is married and can take care of her self. Not wanting help from Rick. Rick sees all the other people doing there normal daily habbit. Like nothing would be wrong. That is what the description of this episode is about. When life inside the walls start to mimic life outside of it. Rick confronts Jesse then with Sam asking a gun to protect his mom. Jesse then asks Rick if he would look out for the rest as well as he does for her. His reply: negative/no. She then replies to his question with a yes. that she wants his help. Pete walks in. Jesse stands up (appearently for the first time since a while), and tells Pete to leave the house instead of Rick. Rick wants him and Pete to leave the area now. Pete flips-out about it. Thinking Rick has planned this all along. They are fighting and fly trough the window. Sascha in the watch tower hears this, during she keeps an eye on the walkers heading to the wall of the safe-zone. Pete hits Jesse when she is trying to get the two of them apart. Carol, Sam, Carl, Enid, Reg, Glenn, Nicholas, Tobin and some others watch the fight. Carl tries to get his dead of from Pete. But Rick is very determined. Dianne then breaks-in. And let them stop. Rick pulls the gun on the people (dumb move ? I think yes, a bit too much). Rick replies: "You still don't get it, we do whats need to be done. And we do it. We're the ones who live. You sit, plan, hasitate. You pretend like you know but you don't ! You wish things weren't what they are. You wanna live ? You want this place to stay standing ? Your way of doing things is done ! Things don't get better because you want them to. Starting right now we have to live in the real world. We have to control who lives here.". Dianne replies that has never been more clear to her then right now. Michone that hits Rick in the head. He is just going to far with this (you can see her think that. But you can also see her, for a moment, thinking he has a piece of truth with his words. That is where the episode ends...

The season final is 90 minutes. The teaser shows the safe-zone talking about Rick. Glenn facing Rick asking him if he wanted this. Rick replies no, he has reached his limit. They'll hunt us, will find us. They try to kill us. We will kill them. In between we see Gabriel going out. Daryl and Aaron in pursuit of the 'thing'. Glenn crying, again... So the big final next week. Can't wait !