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TV | The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 14

So last week we had a party. And the group got a bit more familiar with the group from Alexandria... We also heard in the sneak-peak something about: it was a mistake to bring them in. And we also saw the search party go around and in a building. And Eugene in a shooting position.

So it starts out with Reg and Noah sitting in the morning sun. Noah wants to learn how to build things (houses, walls, etc.). Reg hasitates at first, but then agrees and gives him his notes and notepad to write the things down he should know. With the first line: This is just the beginning. We then see Daryl and Aaron go on the search for more people to recruite, if necessary and such. We also see Gabriel going in to his church. Were he does some strange things after he sees some strawberries. I don't know why I write this down this weirdly. But it's true ! He goes beserk and tears the bible in to pieces. So not really a good religious man at all. The sweep party gets it self ready. Aiden, Nicholas, Glenn, Noah, Eugene and Tara are going for a sweep at a storage facility close by so they can get the solar panels working again (all of them, instead of just a view). Meanwhile Rick goes on patrol and finds the statue of the owl at Jesse's place destroyed. When he asks for enemy's or such Jesse doesn't reply. Then we see Abraham getting ready for the build party. Extending the wall from Alexandria. When one of the workers go for a piss or some kind he comes back with walkers. Abraham is for a brief moment in a different state of mind. When he comes to himself he assist the rest by taking down the walkers. Tobin shoots the hydraulic cable of the truck that Francien is in. Abraham comes to her aid. And rescues her from her death. But the group has fallen back. They do survive thanks to Abraham's agression with hand to hand weapons (mace). Then one of the group gets back to Abraham and they can go back to work. Tobin however is defeaten. And goes to Dianne to speak about the incident. And that Abraham should take charge (officialy) of the building group. Dianne agrees and Maggie vouches for him.

Then we see the sweep-crew at the storage unit. Nicholas and Aiden wants to bounce in. But Aiden soon goes with the plan from Glenn to check the doors/exits in case of emergency. Once inside it seems that the walkers can't get to him. They go on the lookout for the solar stuff and finds it. But then an armored walker in full MP outfit comes at Aiden, aiden aims for the head and Glenn says he should let it come closer. But Aiden is stubbern and shoots at the body. Glenn only sees it by a fraction of a second that the walker has a grenade and Aiden hits it. When the smoke/blast disapears we see Glenn and Noah first. Tara with a lot of blood, knocked out. The walkers that were behind the gate on a loose. And a walker heading for Eugene (this is from the teaser). He doesn't hit it, and so Glenn does. Eugene goes to a safe place. Noah and Glenn gets Tara there. Aiden seems dead, as Nicholas described. Nicholas, Glenn and Noah need to go for an exit. Once they want to go, Aiden starts to yell. He is still alive. While Tara bleeds out. They go for Aiden, but he is stuck. Then Nicholas confirms something I almost knew immediatly: Aiden and Nicholas left behind there first search party. And not the other way around. (If you remember from the first initial sweep with Noah, Glenn and Tara). They are bound to left Aiden for 'dinner'. One of the most grocesome scenes if you compare them to earlier this season. Meanwhile Eugene finds a door to leave with Tara on his shoulder. To get ready for transport. Nicholas has really lost it and goes for the head-entrance (which Noah and Glenn already found blocked with walkers from the outside). But Nicholas still goes through the spinning doors. Glenn and Noah follows him. Because he almost goes into his own death sentence. Glenn wants to break the windows so they can all go out, except Aiden. But Nicholas flips, and looses his mind. With that endangers Noah and Glenn. Noah is grabbed and another grocesome scene follows. This is were Glenn cry's about in the teaser from last week. Eugene gets the walkers distracted and they can go. Nicholas is sooner with the van and Eugene then Glenn. And he almost gets away. But then Glenn grabs him and smacks him down. They go back.

The work at the extending wall is done for that day. Sam and Carol have a small conversation. And from that Carol makes up that Pete hits Jesse and maybe even Sam. Which she might be guessing good. She tells Rick that there is only one way for Pete and that is when he is dead. You see Rick doubin' for a second. And not replying at all. Then we see Gabriel going to Dianne and tells her that she made a mistake by letting Rick and the others into Alexandria. I couldn't really tell if she bought it or not. Then we hear Glenn outside (not seeing him) that he needs help. But that is for next episode. Only 2 more to go now ! And again no teaser for next week, at this point...