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TV | The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 12

We start by the group entering Alexandria. The group is asked to hand over the weapons but it is agreed they can keep them for now. Rick meets Dianna (the Ďleaderí of Alexandria), she does the interviews around there for every new person that comes in to their community. Rick and some others are still skeptical about the place. Dianne doesnít disapprove with that, itís natural. Jesse (one of the Alexandria people) cuts the hair of Rick, after he shaved his beard. Carl is meeting up with the rest of the community. Daryl is just keeping to himself. Every person does his own thing till so far. The group finds it hard to believe they can just relax and be Ďnormalí again.

We also see the interview from Carol, Michone, Daryl and Carl with Judith. (They had to hand over there weapons by now, excluding some small weapons). Rick goes out and does a sweep around the perimeter. Carl follows one of the girls from Alexandria, there is something about her, climbing the walls with view tent-poles (it seems). Rick goes back to the dump-place from last weekís episode to find out the gun has been taken. And walkers roam around the spot. Carl joins him to kill them off. Glenn, Tara and Noah are joining Eden and another guy from Alexandria for a dry supply run. To see if they are up to it. But soon Glenn/Tara find it hard to believe they hang a walker as a trophy because someone from there former supply run group got killed by it. Eden says they have to follow what he says and does but they canít. So it comes to some tough words, but not really much more then that until it escalates inside the wall. Dianne comes right on time to keep them apart. This is when the group finds out there tasks (some of them).

Rick and Michone are guards/safe keepers. Carol becomes a community woman to cook dinner and such for people who canít. Carl should come back to school. The others are still unknown. It comes to mind (for the group) that itís somehow okay (the place). But then some aspects are odd. They havenít seen the outside. Donít know, most of them, whatís out there. But they let this group in, Rickís group. They want to divide them over 2 houses. And they needed to hand over there weapons. The wall seems solid, but Carl already found out that some people are more smart then others. Does this community know what to do, to keep liviní ? Or is Rickís group the what/how/why that they CAN make it ? Eitherway Carol, Rick and Daryl come to the conclusion that if Alexandria canít make it, they will take the place.

At this point I didnít have a what happens from here onwards, a.k.a. sneak peak. But there are some differences between the comics and the series already. Altough they said they would follow the comics even a bit more then before. (Which isn't really possible from my point of view). Furthermore we now know that the final episode of this season will last for 90 minutes... awesome !