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TV | The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 11

So SPOILER WARNING ahead ! For everyone that didn't see the Walking Dead till so far. So last weeks teaser showed us the group encounter Aaron. And bringing him to the barn, where the group is staying temporarely. And even more walkers. So many of the viewers from last week episode found the episode boring. And wanted a better episode this week. Well you've got it. We are at a turning point here. From now on it should be uphill again for the remaining of the season.

So Aaron is brought to the barn. Where he get's to do his talking. Showing the wall from his/there community. And he talks and talks. And then suddenly Rick looks at Michone, Michone looks back at him... And Rick snaps, and punches Aaron on the jaw/in the face. They go trough his backpack to find out what he is up to. Rick wants eyes in every direction. They (were he refered to in the teaser) is the group Aaron is talking about. Aaron then explains that he will try to convince Rick and the others that it is safe. That if they wanted to lure Rick and the others in some kind of trap they would already do so... And perhaps around the barn. So he explains what needs to be explained. The car he talks about. And the one other person he talks about must be found by Michone, Glenn, Abraham Maggie and Rosita. If they find out it's a lie or don't come back... Aaron is dead. Maybe a cruel way from Rick, but understandable somehow. After Woodbury and Terminus. The search-party does find the car. And we see the other person Aaron is refering to is indeed still watching the group. The search party comes back with the RV- and roadcar. And collect all the supplies they found in the RV at the barn. Then there is somewhat a split in what the group wants. Rick is understandable carefull. The others think they should try. And so they do. On the road. During midnight. But not on route 16 like Aaron wants it. But on route 23, also to the north.

On route Rick finds car plates in the dashboard compartment of the roadcar. Aaron is collecting all 50 state plates it seems. But they also find a listening in-to device. With that Aaron and his companion listened into the talks Rick and the group had. Michone asks Rick if he popped the questions towards Aaron. Rick replies with a no. So Michone starts, how many walkers did you kill, etc. With the listening device found they think there different route is been compromised. And at that point route 23 really doesn't seem clear. Just the opposite, full with walkers. They ran trough the walkers. But then the roadcar stops, and they don't see the RV (that was behind them) anymore, with the others onboard. Then they see a flare. Aaron wants to go. Michone (who looked into removing walker-bits from the engine) is hit by Aaron when he bumps the passenger door open. They go after Aaron and find more walkers. Glenn is almost seperated from the group. And almost attacked by a walker. But get's free, he sees Aaron in trouble and decides to help him. They return to Rick and Michone who are ran over by a small amount of walkers. Rick tells Aaron again he shouldn't do anything funny. And they go towards the water-tower, were the flare came from. It's the RV and the others that lightened the flare. The other person Aaron talked about: Eric is inside an old storage room. He ran across and picked up by the RV group. Brought to safety in fact. Rick is letting his guard down a bit, when convinced by the others they now know from Eric where there community is. They go to sleep and will hit the road when the sun comes up.

On the road with the RV and the roadcar again they see Washington in the distance. Almost at the community the battery from the RV fails. Glenn knows there is a spare underneath the stairs. Meanwhile Michone talks about the cautioness from Rick. Where were the right-sounds at Woodbury or Terminus, nowhere. So what does it take to let this community be real ? But Michone insists that maybe the fight is over. And Rick can let his guard down, once more. He does need to do one more thing before they go further. He finds an old shed/barn away from the road and hides a gun in safety (so exact the same as with Terminus). Once at the gates of... wait for it... Alexandria (the community where Aaron and Eric are part from) they hear happy kids. Rick and Michone now know it's good. Or isn't it ? Carol tells Rick he might have been wrong about handling this thing. But still he's good that he did it the way he did, none the less.

In the teaser for next week we hear Rick on the background. Talking about the things he has done, and why. (The audition Aaron talked about at the barn ?) We see Aaron leading the group around (choosing) a home to stay. We also see the group staring in the unknown. And we see Carl with a knife, going trough a home. Wherefor the knife ? Isn't it safe at Alexandria ? Who knows... This episode was indeed better then episode 10 from last week.