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TV | The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 10

So SPOILER WARNING ahead ! For everyone that didn't see the Walking Dead till so far. And an extra SPOILER WARNING for the people who don't want to know about the comparison between the series and the comics. (But I will give an extra yell when I am at that point. So last weeks teaser showed us the group going further towards Washington. On foot, because the cars are out of fuel (appearently). And then suddenly dogs/wolfs. But also a nice trick from Rick to lure the walkers into (what looked like) a trap. So how is the group holding up after another member turned up dead ?

So last week was a bit of a slow episode. This one is a bit further more slow it seems/feels. Is the hit-show on AMC out of budget for the 2nd half of the season ? I think not ! The whole bit of creating a world around the group is still costing quite much I think. Shirewilt was huge with the amount of houses/back drop. And so is it in this episode. The many hours on the road. The walkers following them. Not that many action it seems. But a lot of walkers. We catch up on the group trying to make it. And still in mourning process as well. Father Gabriel tries to talk 'sense' into Maggie, but finds a 'closed door'. The same goes for Michone and Abraham trying to talk a bit to Sascha. Were as Carol is opening up to Daryl. Just before that the car stopped working, fuel shortage. So walking it is. With every now and then some parts of the group looking for water and food... So the walkers are coming closer and out of nowhere Rick has an idear when to come near a bridge, with a down-slope on both sides. Lure the walkers into there own 'grave' (so that's the trick from the teaser). However where Michone was already afraid of happens, Sascha is loosing it. Even hurts Abraham a bit in the process... Then suddenly out of nowhere dogs. Sascha shoots them out of the blue. So there's dinner. I thought (any many people with me I am sure) that these dogs were quite a thing during this episode. But it seems they were having a short life. Then after Daryl finds a barn of the road/trough the woods and comes back to the group someone left a quite big amount of water. With a short note: From A Friend. They don't trust it, and then it starts to rain. At first it seems nice, but then it gets heavier. Daryl remembers the barn, and leads everyone to there.

The barn looks solid, with only one walker in it. But then when night falls and the rain and thunder get heavier, walkers are coming for the barn. Daryl sees it, then Maggie, then Sascha. And finally the rest as well. They survive it. The Walkers are overwon. Once daylight, Maggie and Sascha see a lot of trees knocked down by the thunder. They go for the morning sun. And then suddenly out of nowhere Aaron. The Friend in question (from the water). What does he want ? It's quite nice that we know now that the title of the series is about the group it self. So it's about: Rick, Carl, Judith, Maggie, Glenn, Michone, Sascha, Tara, Carol, Daryl, Abraham, Rositta and Eugene. These people are THE WALKING DEAD. (If we may believe Rick his thougtfull words/story). We suspected it, but now we know ! The teaser for next weeks episode let us see the group questioning Aaron. And more on the road. A lot more walkers. Is Aaron going to bring them to safety ?

So in the comics the group (slightly different from the group in the TV show) are on the road after the prison. They meet up with Abraham's part. They go onwards to the church of Gabriel. They encounter the Hunters. The whole Terminus bit is something we only come across in the series. But the way Gareth and the others do there Hunters bit is the same. It is that church that is the turning point. But in the TV show we go to Atlanta from there (after a short split from the group and Eugene confronting everyone he is a liar about the cure (on a slightly different moment from the comics). In the comics however we encounter Aaron quite soon after the church. He leads the group towards the Alexandria Safe Zone. A community like Woodburry. In the TV show however we now had Shirewilt (after Atlanta). Which is a bit different from the town in season 1/2 in the comics (even in name: Wiltshire). And we also have quite a long amount of time on the road. So what will they do with Aaron in the TV show. Is he just as in the comics trustworthy ? Why is the teaser for next week not showing more of Aaron ? One more thing (and so ONE MORE SPOILER) I find different from the comics is the way Sascha is reacting to the rest of the group. It seems that Sascha is taking over the life-style from Maggie (from the comics). Maggie is in the comics quite desperate after seeing the things she sees. Sascha seemed to have that during this episode. Oh well. As said last week (in a way), I won't tell much about the comics, only if I feel the need to. And I won't backtrack unless it needs to happen...