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TV | The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 9

So I expect everyone to be caught up on the season till so far. So I won't look back on the first half of the season, except when it's needed to explain certain things, that happens from now on. So the couple of teasers/trailers we had leading up to this episode from yesterday showed us the group mourning about the death of what appeared to be Beth's. But now we know otherwise (more on that later). We also see the group visiting a place Noah (and appearently Beth) wanted to go to. We now know that it is near Virginia (story-wise). And that the group is doing this tour as a tribute/last wish kind of thing. We also see certain parts from lateron during the 2nd half of the season. So SPOILER WARNING for anyone that isn't caught up on the series till so far !

So the episode start with certain images from mourning, and with halusinations from Bob, Beth and Mika & Lizzie. We watch group approaching Virginia. Were Beth would go to together with Noah. Because they were thinking it would still be save. Once there they know it's not there anymore. And there are only walkers left. And maybe some supplies. Noah is bursting into tears. Tyreese stays with him. Michone, Rick and Glenn are going trough the rest of village. They see signs of a literally over-run place. Tyreese is reassuring Noah that this isn't the end. And he has a lot more to live for. Noah that certainly ran off to his elderly home. Once there Tyreese is getting in first. Noah see's dead people and he soon know's it is his family (most likely). While Noah is attending one of the dead, Tyreese is going further into the house. He sees Noah's little brother. Looking at pictures he soon realise that there are two little brothers. But then it's too late. the 2nd little brother bites him out of the blue (from a closet). Noah run's for help after stabbing his little brother with a toy-plane. (Awesome takedown Noah). During this run we come to know that Tyreese halusinates. Bob, Beth, Mika & Lizzie, the Govenor and Martin they are all there and drive him nuts. He even sees the Governor, when it's actually a walker.

Before Rick, Glenn and Michone are hearing the scream of Noah they agree to go to Washington. Because it's only 100 more miles like Michone insists. Then they hear the scream and go for Noah/Tyreese. Once there they immediatly chop off Tyreese his bitten-arm. Tyreese sees this as Mika & Lizzie helping him. They get away. Confirming to the others (that stayed behind a bit) that they will come back. And they should prepare for a nasty 'bit'. On the road back Tyreese halusinates a bit more, and dies. The mourning we see. Is not for Beth but is for Tyreese. Remains to be seen where Meggie's crying was for. That needs to be for Beth then (as a back-drop). But could it be for Glenn ? And what about these weird lines that are spoken during the halusinations: it's OK, it's better now. Let it go, etc. Maybe we will hear it again somewhere during the 2nd half.

The teaser for next week shows us that the group will go to Washington and that along the way they will go on foot instead by car. And in the hunt for supplies. And even dogs we see, that will be a nice suprise...