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TV | The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 8

So the 8th episode, and with that the mid-season finale was a fact last Sunday. SPOILER WARNING for anyone that doesn't saw it ! We now know what happens when you run away from Rick's point of view. Something we have seen before, but now much more clear on camera ! Officer Lamson tried to trick Sascha and therefor the Rick's group on mission. We see him run, trying to cut his cuffs and we see a very quick person in pursuit. And we see walkers who like a piece of Lamson (or anything else basicly). Rick get's in the police car. Forcing him to stop when looking at a picture of Lamson and his son. But Lamson doesn't want to listen so Rick does an Abraham in ramming Lamson into the ground aka: like Abraham hit on Eugene. The fall towards the ground is almost indentical. Lamson wants to return, he knows it was stupid. But Rick is done with all the bulls***, KABLAMM ! (Shot to the head).

After the intro we see Gabriel arriving at the school place were the Termites/Hunters were with Bob. Like the teaser already spoiled he founds some pieces from them, and from Bob (his leg). And sees the walkers inside the school. They break free when he makes to much noise (when trowing away Bob's leg). Fleeing back to the church and coming across the point were the Termites/Hunters captured Bob. The Walkers already surrounded him. It appears that he finally gets it. And comes to an understanding how it works in the appocalypse. The church is now overran with them when Gabriel wants in and Michone and Carl let him enter. They now can leave where Gabriel made an exit in his 'office'. I almost thought Gabriel won't sacrifice himself, but he doesn't and comes free with no scratch at all. They start clearing out the church bit by bit. Were they didn't had to in the beginning when coming there after Terminus. Gabriel thinks they will run. But the opposite is the case.

Rick has returned. The others sense that has something has changed. Daryl even calls it, "will it changes things". The remaining 'officers' should now do a wise thing, you think... They say basicly that they should lie, and got attacked by walkers. Otherwise Dawn won't take the bait. Dawn meanwhile talks to Beth about former-in-charge-cop Hanson. And the story's surrounding 'it'. We then cut back to the Church and Abraham enters with the fire truck on the moment that the walkers almost get out of the church. Driving over the poles in front of the church. Not as spectaculair as I thought. But this is where we see Glenn and Maggie in the 'weird' position with walkers next to them. (What we could see in last weeks trailer). Eugene is in the back okay and asleep. We see the catch up between both: Glenn/Maggie's part of the party and the church bit talking about the bit they have the place where Beth is. Maggie cries from joy with Glenn. This point is a bit weird tough. Because since Terminus she didn't mention it, or showed it in the series. We then indeed cut back to the hospital where another officer thinks he can crack open Dawn. He (O' Donell) is actually not that smart with overhearing Beth and Dawn's conversation what Beth actually did with the candy jar in episode 4. Dawn pulls the gun on him. O' Donell gets the emotion sight free from Dawn and thinks he can force her in to a corner. The weapon she holds is lost. But she fights O' Donell. Beth and Dawn finishing him, were Beth is dropping him into the elvator shaft. Perhaps the greatest moment of the episode ! Besides Rick running over Lamson at the start of this episode. Carol meanwhile is still not awake. Beth and Danw talk a bit further uncovering that Edwards used Beth to cover up a death. Beth wants out, away from this place. (We see Carol breating in the background, the movements are there. And then she comes awake). Dawn is however different then Beth / we think (perhaps).

We then cut back to Rick's part Tyreese confessing to Sascha he didn't kill Martin in the first episode. The deal goes down. 2 other officers get to Rick. There comes a walker and Sascha shoots it. And that without being seen and on the right moment. The deal goes through. And this point I thought the officers under Rick's gun would spoil what happend with Lamson. Beth meanwhile gets dressed. Carol is in a wheelchair alive (but under medication). Together with Edwards the exchange happens... There are four remaining officers on Beth side. The exchange seems to go smooth. But then Dawn wants Noah, with the condition they can then leave the building again. It goes with a bit of a struggle. And without the spoil of the Lamson bit. But Beth then suddenly realises again where Dawn is all about. She stabs Dawn but Beth is shot in the head by Dawn's reflex. Daryl pulls the trigger on Dawn. With a distance the biggest moment of this episode. Maybe even this half of the season. Best moment ? No I don't think that's fair. Beth did a great thing. But didn't time it right. It could have been a bigger moment. Even the best moment ! One of the officers give Rick and the others a choice to remain in Atlanta in the hospital. Surviving, being save there. But Rick turns-the-tables and does a Prison vs. Woodbury again. By asking the remaining patients if they wanna join Rick's part. Glenn/Maggie part arrives at Atlanta. Maggie is then confronted with Beth's body. The second loss in quite a small-amount of time. It ends there.

The teaser let us see Maggie and Noah in tears with Gabriel fullfilling his job. We see some brief moments after each other were Rick seems to be attacked in his arm by Walkers. And the group overrun by walkers in an area of buildings. Michone thinks maybe Atlanta would have been better. No one else from the hospital joined them appearently. The Walking Dead is back in February ! In another teaser surrounding the mid-season finale we saw Morgan catching up near the school/church from Gabriel. When he is in the church he finds the map. Of the road towards Washington D.C. With the note Abraham left for Rick: "Sorry I was an asshole. Come to Washington. The new world's gonna need Rick Grimes". We also see another where Rick and the others are clearly staying at some kind off barricaded town. Maybe that one that was left out till now (that was in the comics around season 2). Oh well we will see in February...