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TV | The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 7

So the 7th episode was a fact, and with that one more episode to go this year... I will go in to some detail about 7th episdoe. So if you haven't seen it yet be warned: SPOILERS !

So the sneak peak from last time was pretty confusing in comparison to the episode on his own. In the sneak peak we saw Glenn, Rick's group incl. Noah and the Hospital group in Atlanta incl. Carol. The episode however is a mash up. And it looks like the next/mid season finale will do the same. If not more of Atlanta.

so we pick up the episode with some small flash backs of what happened to each group. With last but not least Daryl and Noah coming back to the church. We have a small time skip it seems because we don't pick up where we left in episode 3. Rick's group is taking the church up a notch in security/barracading the place. Sasha is still in mourning, but continues working. The group goes to Atlanta. And as seen in last weeks sneak-peak: Rick, Daryl, Sasha, Tyreese and Noah are heading to Altanta. Meanwhile we see Abraham's party gathering water from the fire truck and Abraham himself is being kept on a short rope (not literally). He snaps but Maggie, out of all survivors, is keeping him down... Meanwhile we see Carl, Michone, Judith and Gabriel at the church. (Which is just 4 walls and a roof, as we know now). Carl wants Gabriel to stand on his own, or at least able to defend himself. As we know already Gabriel isn't capable of doing so, basicly. Then we see Beth and later Dawn in a word-battle about the patient in room #2 (Carol). Dawn gives Beth a key for the drugs cabinet. She seems not thrusting the rest of her people. And seems to understand at this point, what Beth is all about. (trying to keep people alive). We also see Rick's group arrived in Atlanta and making a plan... And then Abraham's party (now more or less Glenn/Maggie's party) in the search for water, etc.

In that bit we hear/see the rambling Tara against Glenn (and Rosita), who are on the hunt for water, that Eugene is just dumb (basicly) for using his only skill he masters: lying. Tara can't/won't blame him. But Glenn certainly does. That doesn't mean he approves how Abraham reacted tough. Maggie has a weird line in this bit, when she tells Abraham that he isn't the only one who lost something today. The weird bit about it, is that Sasha lost Bob the day before. Not the same day. And that Beth is already 'gone' a couple of days (at least). So what does she mean ? Losing the rest of the group ? We then briefly pick up with Beth again, asking Dr. Stevens what he would give THAT woman (Carol). Dawn wouldn't give the key out of good heart he says. Is that a warning towards Beth, to put in the back of her mind ? Or is he more or less a traitor ?

Then we see Noah as a bait, to distract 2 officers from Dawn. So that can get taken in. But then they are overwhelmed with another car. They can't make it stop the hard way tough, and so that one car is rescues both officers again. But the car can't get far, so they catch up. Daryl is suspicious of his surrounding tough, which is good to know. He comes across the rescuer of the 2 officers. Rick comes to the rescue, with Daryl already smashing the guy with a walkers head, awesome move btw. We see Rick doesn't taking it lightly to taken people in prison, but it has to be done. So now they have 3 people in prison-act. It seems that the 3 of them want Dawn out of the hospital-lead. But they aren't on the same page as well. Then we get back to Glenn/Maggie's group they found more water and appearently fish. They are quite handy with Eugene-like-tricks, so they can catch them. We then see Michone taking to Gabriel. But she doesn't see he wants to escape with the machette he took when Carl asked him to choose a weapon, forcing the wooden floor to open up. We then see Beth getting the drugs she needs from the cabinet. With distracting some officers with a another patient faking blood with strawberry's. She goes with that to Carol. We then cut back to Sasha and Tyreese, Ty' can't shut up about what Bob would want for her... But they are respecting each other again. We see Gabriel out of the church, stepping in a nail (which will leave a trail of blood-drops). And he is in trouble again by a walker a couple of miles later... Which he manage to pin down on a wooden pole but... he can not totally kill it because of the katholike cross around her/it's neck. We see some minor other bits as well, before we but back to the cop that informed Rick about Dawn. He wants Sasha to put down a former cop-friend of his. But it's trick, quite obvious actually. He knocks her out when the others left and makes a run for it.

In the sneak peak we see Sascha, Daryl and Rick back on her feet. Rick is being held under fire appearently. And making it clear that the hospital-people have Beth and Carol. And Beth talking to Dawn that she needs to do whatever she thinks. Because that is who she is till the end. And we see a small piece of Glenn and Maggie cought up by walkers. And we see quite alot of gun-pointing. And then there is one more online where we see Gabriel visiting the spot where the hunters were with Bob (former school building). He finds the bible from Mary (Gareth's mother). And still see's the leg from Bob... So will we see Beth and/or Carol coming back with Rick and the rest. Who will survive. And will we catch up with Glenn/Maggie before the winter heads in...? We'll see next week during the mid-season final...