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TV | The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 6

So the 6th episode was a fact. I will go in to some detail about 6th episdoe. So if you haven't seen it yet be warned: SPOILERS !

So the sneak peak from last time was pretty solid/clear. We are following Daryl and Carol this episode...

Meanwhile the directors of the series are still missleading us a bit. The episode is not totally about Daryl and Carol alone. It's also about what happened with Carol, after Rick forced Carol to move on her own. (Towards the end of season 4). That is were the episode starts with. I think that's good. Many YouTubers asked it. And they did it. Let us show what happens with Carol. We don't see the village/town/city name. But we see that she finds her safe-house at an abandoned law-firm. Before she enters this place we see her however broken into pieces, crying. Carol seemed to have been doing good on her own / stand her ground. But this first alone-bit shows us that she is still human. After one night sleep she see's the big black smoke-cloud from the prison. And she decides to go back, to help them... When she arrives we see in the reflection of her car window that she sees the prison in smoke and flames...

When the intro is done, we skip to the here and now. Altough to the part were Carol and Daryl are in pursuit of the 'cross-car' that looks indentical to the one that took Beth. In the 4th episode of the season we already came to know that the hospital and these 'cross-cars' are from Atlanta. And so we see this 'cross-car' go there (on the I85), to a deserted Atlanta, completely overrun it seems... Suddenly the car stops and so Daryl and Carol stop. It seems they have been spotted and the walker that attack there stopped car doesn't make it easier... But then they ran out of fuel, and they are bound to get overrun by walkers. They find a place to stay tough. They stay here for a bit. It seems to have been an old keep-the-abused-people-save-home, were Carol have been earlier (in her life). Then we cut back to a flashback when Carol and Tyreese were barrieng the body's of Mika and Lizy after they met on the road to Terminus. The flashback is briefly and ends with white smoke. Something she learned from Mika before that point in season 4. (Black smoke is still burning, white smoke is finished with burning, and just smokes a lot). Back to Atlanta then, we see a brief 'shot' from what appears to be the tank from season 1. (Were Rick gets into, before he is saved by Glenn and the others). When they go into a parking garage we see a brief moment of a person or walker. They are getting followed by it. Noah ?

They see a 'cross-car' van on a bridge, when they are trying to find out what it is they are getting to meet Noah indeed. He steals there rifle and crossbow. It seems Carol breaks-down again. That she needed to go away from the church. She can't see people dying, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't do what it takes. And that people change by the fact of this zombie-apocalypse. (We see the flashback from Carol burning the two people at the prison just before she split from the group). They get to the fan. Nothing in particulair there, they can use. But they connect-the-dots to were Beth it staying. They go down with the van and a couple of walkers from the bridge to the area below. Surviving the shunt towards down-below. They find a building across the hospital, to scope them out & get some food-refill. But also talking about past and present, what they have been and became (as people). They then get tricked away by a walker that has one of Daryl's crosses. So Noah is still following them ?! He is overrun, they follow him, Daryl knocks him down. And let's him in that position with a walker nearby. The point of regret and forgiveness is appearently over. But then when the walker is nearby Daryl helps. We see one more flashback of Carol. (When she comes to aid the group (then captured at Terminus). Between her setting Terminus to blow and re-joining the group afterwards). when Noah is free'd he sees the 'cops' coming to there place and it's cleared he knows Beth and Daryl and Carol as well. Carol is then overrun when they are trying to skip to the other building. In order to evade the 'cross-car'. Daryl (and Noah) have to let Carol taken away by them. In order to rescue her / and follow these weird people. (So that happened with Carol in the end of episode 4 (when Beth sees her)). Daryl and Noah hit back towards the church, in another truck. (And so that is what we see in the end of episode 3 (when Michone asks who Daryl has with him)). In order to come back to Atlanta and save Carol and Beth.

In the sneak peak we see Rick's group getting ready to head out. Michone, Carl and Judith (and Father Gabriel?) staying behind. 2 more episodes left for this year is the message. Rick, Tyreese, Noah, Sascha and Daryl are going to Atlanta. Making up a plan. We also see brief images from Glenn and Beth. So this will be a mash-up between Abraham's group and Rick's ? Across two episodes ? Who knows ?! Could be good !!!