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TV | The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 5

So the 5th episode was a fact. I will go in to some detail about 5th episdoe. So if you haven't seen it yet be warned: SPOILERS !

So the sneak peak from last episode at the end gave a pretty solid image. In this episode we follow Abraham's 'group'. And another quite low-key episode for this season. Altough, that is how it started but didn't turn out...

It starts with the group on the road in the bus, just after they left the church. Tara, Maggie and Glenn ask Eugene what is going to do in DC and get there answers. In an odd way o'course, Eugene is good at that. But then suddenly the bus get's uncontrolable and hits another car. Which makes it launch into the air, and land on his side. We then see a flash back were Abraham is from. He is in the search for Ellen appearently. And finds them as well. Then we cut back to the here and now and the group needs to get trough a small amount of walkers that surrounded the bus. Then they go on foot towards a small town. They find a library that is untouched. They stay the night. We see Abraham and Rosita making love (part of it) and Eugene watching them (like he normally is). Tara finds him there, but then Eugene tells Tara he sabotaged the bus. So they couldn't re-use it. They shouldn't make it on the road... Which is weird but explained later. Glenn and Abraham get together and talk things through that they will follow Abraham were he says. He thanks Glenn for doing that, but Glenn finds it normal. (And so it is ?) They get a fire-truck but it won't start properly. Meanwhile walkers are coming out of the fire station. They need to get them killed, Eugene is using his had again and gets the water cannon working so he hit the walkers with water. Nice scene, but also one we already knew from the trailer for season 5 ! Then Abraham is clearing the radiator for the engine and he see the message on the ground: SICK INSIDE LET THEM DIE. And starts to laugh, they didn't see that earlier because of the walkers on the ground appearently. They get the truck starting. (In between some flash backs from Abraham). But they get to an hold again. Then suddenly an awefull smell. They start walking and see what is causing it. A huge pile of walkers in a farming bit of land. With a lot of silo's and farming equipment. We don't get to see what is causing the smell tough. We may see that in the next episode. Abraham grabs Eugene to had back a bit for another ride (against Abraham's drive to go on). But then everyone get's upset with Abraham for being so harsh on Eugene and they get in some hand-and-push fight. Then suddenly Eugene screams (I needed to hear it a couple of times, before I realised he would say it again), I AM NOT A SCIENTIST ! The whole group is devistated. Why all the secret stuff, why the odd references if he doesn't know it. Earlier on in the season we saw the whole group believing him. And now it appears to be bullsh**. They are now quiet sticking to the comics. Which is cool, but it would also be cool to see something else. Or a bit longer on the road of he knowing it. Abraham loses it, and hits him almost trough the front of the fire truck. Rosita stops him. Abraham gets down on his knees and falling into a flash back once more. We see him catching up to Ellen again, they have died and we see him meet with Abraham. And getting the important mission bit. So that is why Abraham with him... Then the episode is to an end.

So we can go many ways from here. Altough the sneak peak for next episode rules some things out. The end part bit of this episode was not that low-key. Which was nice. Next episode we will see what happened with Daryl and Carol. Which is good. Because then we will have all stories back connected to one and other... I didn't say it on here yet but I kind of like this low-key episodes and believe that is what the series need at this point. They shouldn't go to long with this. And I like the fact they work with the split up. There isn't happening much. I believe after the episode with Daryl and Carol we will have one (or two) more split-episodes and then they will all come back to one group. For rescueing Beth I think, and taken in Noah. Maybe we even see Morgan at the end of that 7th or 8th episode before the mid season final comes to an end. For now the comics are somehow the red-line for the story. But they don't stick to it completely. Which is good I recon... (We have 16 or 17 episodes in total for this season so episode 8 or 9 would make the perfect mid-season finale then). So it makes a bit of sense. Or will we see 3 more split episodes from Abraham / Beth / Daryl and Carol after upcoming one ? I will stick to my first choice. 2 more low-key's and then the 8th episode reunites the whole group (at Atlanta perhaps). Which is also a thing that isn't in the comics. Hell, the whole Dawn bit isn't in the comics. Beth neither, but Dr. Stevens is (Steven Edwards in the series). Oh well we will see what happens. I am curious what happened to Carol, why she is brought into the hospital where Beth is, can't wait !