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TV | The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 4

So the 4th episode was a fact. I will go in to some detail about 4th episdoe. So if you haven't seen it yet be warned: SPOILERS !

So with this episode over we now know a bit more what happened with Daryl and Carol. Which is quite odd considering the amount of time (lack of it) between them going and returning... I would guess 3 days that they were gone... Or even less: 2 days. This was indeed a Beth episode as predicted by many. And we got a couple of things from the trailer is this episode as well.

Beth wakes up. And is quite quick introduced to Dawn and Dr. Steven. They tell her she was alone along the road. And they saved her. For that Beth ows them to help out with a view minor things. These minor things don't seem so minor when Trevvit is brought in. A patient they grabbed from the street or something with blown-long. And couple of more injuries. They keep him alive tough. Meanwhile Beth is getting un-comfortable with police officers in the hospital were she is. It is the State Memorial Hospital of Atlanta. Which would be safe when we heard of it in Season 1/2. It ain't safe tough. And Beth is quiet quick not at ease. Joan is brought in and needs her arm amputated. We don't get an insight were all these people are from. But they need to be safed somehow... So they can serve the hospital with what they can still do. It's a weird system. Beth meets up with Noah. Also someone who has been brought in a couple of months earlier (close to a year). He wants to escape as soon as possible. Beth and Dr. Steven meanwhile seem to have some sort of a connection. In the way of thinking at least. And at the end of the story (why they are in Atlanta) Dr. Steven thrusts Beth with giving medicins to Trevvit (the 1st patient). There is however a mix up in medicins. Dr. Steven wanted Trevvit dead. And needed Beth to do it. Noah is with Beth at the end and gets to blame for the 'trouble'. Beth gets to know that Dr. Steven has send her to kill Trevvit. Although he doesn't say it, she knows. When Noah is back on his feet they discover an escape plan. Noah will distract Dawn and Beth will look for a key. So they can escape the building. When Beth is in the office she comes to the discovery that Trevvit was a doctor. And finds the key needed. But she also finds Joan bleeding, already turning. With a message on the ground: FUCK YOU. Intended for Dawn ? One of the other police-officers are entering the room and wants to force himself up to Beth for finding the key. She hits him in the head with a lolly jar. And Joan has just came back as a walker makes it a solid dead-police officer. Beth escapes with Noah trough the dump-body's-liftshaft. Once there they fight trough a couple of walkers. And get outside. Here we see the cars we see with Daryl and Beth in season 4. But also the one that Daryl and Carol see. And one or two more. And even more walkers. Beth makes the run clean for Noah, and he can escape. Beth isn't quick enough and gets helped out by the police-officers. Only to taken back inside, were Dawn is not happy with what she did in the office. It is explained. But gets a hit from Dawn, which brings her to Dr. Steven. Who convess his murder action on Trevvit. We even see Dr. Steven being nervous because of this. Beth really discovered his way of treatment. And already discovered the idea from Dawn. Beth is almost certain to escape again. And she wants to stab him and run (appearently, if we let our mind go for a bit). But then we see Carol brought in... So that is where she is!

Daryl appearently couldn't keep them for taking her as well. Do we see a re-visit to the house of season 4. Where Daryl and Beth stayed ? Will we follow Noah in his way away from the Hospital ? Will we see another low-profile episode like this with Beth ? It's good for a change. And keeps the story up and running... I like it... I missed the sneak peak at the end. It didn't stick to the show with the broadcaster of the show on this side of the ocean appearently. So I looked it up: and there are already a view out there. The official let's us in an episode with Abraham's party. And the clear text: We don't go back ! The second one I could find is in the bus, and also none-saying.