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TV | The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 2 & 3

So the 2nd and 3rd episode was a fact. I will go in to some detail about the 2nd and 3rd episdoe. So if you haven't seen it yet be warned: SPOILERS !

So the 2nd episode left off were the first ended basicly. They are searching for some food, and finally they meet up with Gabriel, who is in need of some assistance. Surrounded by walkers. The group saves him. They are traveling towards his church. Once there they need more food. Re-stock everything basicly. A lot of story's are told. And things are getting discussed. What has Gabriel done ? He won't talk much about it. They go on a run, Abraham and Rosita are fixing a bus Gabriel has. Gabriel needs to join Rick and the others (Michone, Bob, Sascha, etc.). He knows where the food is. Bob gets taken by a walker that is underwater in a cellar. Where they are rescueing Gabriel for the second time. He doesn't appear to be bitten... Gabriel appearently saw a familiar face in the cellar. But he isn't ready to talk about it. Once they get back at the church they are throwing a celebration meal / re-stock of body-fat. Abraham finds the right time to discuss the trip to DC. Judith agrees in someway. And so is Rick (deciding for the others) as well. They are going to DC, with Gabriel included. Then Bob leaves the church for a brief moment. He cries, but also laughs. The people overlooking the group since they left Terminus are the Termites them selfes. Or what is left of them (6 people (maybe a bit more)). They take Bob by suprise. And when he wakes up Gareth is there to talk to him. And explain certain things. The guy Tyreese appearently killed in episode 1 is alive however. That won't be good for Carol. She also left (with Daryl) just before or after Bob did. (More on that later). When Bob realises what the Termites did he looks at his leg. They have cut it off and are eating it. They are Hunters.
As said Daryl and Carol left just in front/after Bob did. Daryl saw the same car that took Beth, and they are going after it. Without telling / giving a sign to the rest of the group. The rest of the group don't realise it yet they are missing people. And what the Termites don't know is something the comic book readers do know...!

The 3rd episode continues with Sascha, Rick and Tyreese on the lookout for Bob. And describe that they also miss Daryl and Carol. After the intro (still awesome new since this season). We catch up with Bob again. He laughs at the Termites. He really is bitten. And they are eating 'tainted meat'. Gareth hits him. Sascha and Rick meanwhile interview Gabriel a bit. They are disrubted by Glenn who sees someone in the grass: it's Bob. The Termites left him there for the group. So they can see who is inside the church (basicly). Now that Bob is back, but bitten Rick decides to go after them. They now know that Daryl and Carol are indeed somewhere else. Abraham however wants to leave. Glenn is the referee in this and get them in a deal. In 12 hours from then they will leave for DC: Abraham, Rosita, Eugene, Tara, Glenn and Maggie. Or they leave all at once. They go after the Termites. But the Termites were already on watch. And enter the church. On the look for the remaining club who didn't follow Rick: Carl, Tyreese, Rosita, Eugene, Bob, Gabriel and Judith. When Gareth is almost there to enter the room they are in Rick and others return in a stealth way. And finish the Termites. (Thank god ! The best line in this: When Gareth asks Rick why they didn't shoot them on sight... "We wanted to save bullets / I promised you something before". The best part in the whole episode by a mile). Michone sees her samurai sword and takes it back. She did miss it. No matter what she said to Rick in episode 2 ! They can now take care of Bob, his last moments in life. But Abraham's part IS leaving none the less. Tara, Maggie and Glenn leave with them.
The last part is during night fall Michone and Gabriel are outside. Michone hears something goes out and look. I really holded my breath at this point. Remaining Termites ? Daryl and Carol, Daryl and Beth ? Daryl is indeed there, he says come on out on Michone's question were Carol is, but could it be they saved Beth ? Then we see the credits. Beth is on the next episode it seems. And is woven into this season from now on. One question remains. In front of season starting the directors said they would keep the comic book and series more in synch'. With upcoming events in mind. But the way they handled the Termites and that Abraham's part is leaving, is off. And that Morgan isn't with them just yet is also a bit-off (minor SPOILER). Curious what they will do next...