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TV | The Walking Dead Season 5, Episode 1

So the first episode was a fact yesterday. Because I live in The Netherlands I was only able to see it from today. We have Fox overhere, and it aired the show. I will go in to some detail about this first episode now. So if you haven't seen it yet be warned: SPOILERS !

So we start were we have left of, the group in the train car. And some pieces of the trailer already falls in to place. They start trying to eliminate the group a couple of people at a time. But they are being disturbed. Carol and Tyreese managed to capture one of the Terminus guys in the woods near the center of it all. Carol is going in with some high fire power. The people of Terminus appearently don't have skill when it comes to killing walkers / herdes of them. Carol takes advantage and blows up a couple of gas-tanks. This is felt in the butcher-hall as well. Rick, Daryl, Bob and Glenn can escape now. They see one of the Terminus people (Alex I think his name was) on the chainsaw-table. Some sick things follow. Some nice fire power between the two. Rick and others free the rest of the train cars, one with a psycho of some kind it, instant death here... And free the rest of the group/new group (Abraham, Rosita, Tara and Eugene). Rick even get a shot at Gareth (not fatal it seems). Carol gets her hands on Mary, the holy woman of it all. She explains why Terminus have became what it is. Not that we petty them, but still. We see some backflash moments as well from time to time. Even in the beginning, with a clear THEN in NOW in front of it.

We see some familiar faces. The one Rick and Carol cross in a small villa-area is there (when Rick left Carol behind in Season 4), and is killed. As said a lot of fire power. Rick and the group/new group leave Terminus, they see Carol when leaving. One 'emotional' meeting done, one to go. They go to the cabin where Tyreese and Judith are hold up. Tyreese needed to kill the Terminus dude, he wanted to twist the neck of her. Sick idiot... 'Emotional' meet up no. 2. They leave Terminus (for now I guess) and go far off. Abraham and Rosita won't tell them yet of DC/the cure. Rick cleans up the board along the rail track: NO SANCTUARY ! End credits roll. With even some sneak-peaks from next weeks episode. But then in the end a lonely traveler: he turns around, puts his mask off. It's Morgan !!! Yes indeed he is in Season 5. Just like in the comics. Only in a different way. So a lot of trailer pieces already done, but some still to go. I guess we will see the rest of them during episode 2. Gabriel is in it. I guess Beth as well. And maybe more from Morgan...