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TV | The Walking Dead, Season 5 (2nd part of the season)

So the first half of the season saw our group being released from Terminus. They ran into father Gabriel for help. And chatted a bit about what to do, etc. Eitherway the Termites were now Hunters, and they hunted for everyone of the group. Damn it Tyreese why didn't you murder that single Termite when you must have done it !? Bob is the one that is taken by the Hunters. But what the Hunters don't know, is that Bob has been bitten. This comes straight from the comics. Although back in the comics it was Dale (still alive at that point). Meanwhile Carol and Daryl have spotted the same kind of car that took Beth in Season 4. So they go after it. The Hunters want to get revenge of the rest, they are hold up in the church together with father Gabriel. Instead of waiting Rick, Abraham, Sascha and Michone are attacking, letting the Hunters into a trap. It is one of the bloody-scenes from Season 5. (Together with the great premiere in episode 1). The Hunters are dead. Bob is back as well and been taken care of, for his final moments. The group later decide to split, Abraham's piece will go towards D.C. with Eugene. But they end up on a road overwelmed by Walkers. Meanwhile Daryl and Carol run into trouble. As we find out later, Carol is kept with the same group that has Beth. A hospital in Atlanta (the same city as in Season 1). Daryl comes back to the church with Noah. They team up with Rick, Tyreese and Sascha to go and free Beth and Carol. Meanwhile in the hospital nothing is what it looks like. Dawn is the girl-cop in the lead. But soon will fall-down. The group is forcing them to trade. Which seems to go okay. But then Beth does a bold-move. This is the end of Beth. Daryl shoots Dawn. And that's the end of the hospital. They are free to go. The remaining hospital people decide to stay. Noah is coming with Rick's group. Outside the other half of Rick's group has arrived. Maggie finally reunited with her sister. But not the way she wanted. Meanwhile we have 2 shots from Morgan following the group together with the map that Abraham has left Rick (initially).

In the above footage for the 2nd half of Season 5 we see actually not that many new-stuff. (In comparison to the teaser at the end of the first half of Season 5). Altough we see a lot of Walkers they are killing without making too much noise. They are in some area with houses. But no Morgan till so far, besides the end-shot from the trailer above. With the same map as in the first half. The 2nd half will start in 2 weeks time. So still enough time to get a 'real' trailer for the 2nd half.

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