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TV | The Walking Dead, Season 5

Above the trailer for season 5, that went global after last months Comic Con. In it we see the group being dragged around in Terminus, team up with Gareth (as far as we can tell now). Get back on the road to Washington DC. We see Judith back in the arms of Rick. We see alot of blood shed from there. And a lot of church interiors. We see a fire truck being used to back-off walkers. And we see Rick flip-out on people with guns (Terminus ?). And after what seems to be the end-credits. We even see Beth, so she is still alive. And with kind of a weird group. Which follows some kind of system in an old hospital / militairy base. Alot of blood is shed overthere as well. We even see Beth running in front of people that are wounded and looking into an elevator shaft (without explanation/logic). And in the end she is being hit by the cop-lady. When they will join Rick's group, will Rick and this lady know each other from there seperated cop-lives ? Alot of open questions, that will be answered in first view episodes I guess.

12 10 '14 | AMC, FOX