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TV | The Walking Dead, Season 4 (The final episode)

So season 4 has came to an end. I won't do a big recap this time around. I will do a shorter version. After the mid season final episode we came back to the group who are split up in different groups. Not many deaths in this 2nd part of the season, except for Lizzie and Mika. Carol is back, who joins up with the kids and Tyreese. Michone is first alone and later with Rick and Carl. Meggie is with Bob and Sasha, and later finds back Glenn (and Tara). With even some new additions to the gang in the persons of: Eugene, Abraham and Rosita. Daryl is with Beth, but when she get kidnapped he is briefly alone before ending up with Joe and his gang and lateron with Rick, Carl and Michone.

However Terminus is the big thing this season. The tracks are first discovered by Tyreese, the kids and Carol. And lateron by the rest of the pack. It seems legit, but at the same time quiet weird if you go back in your mind towards Woodburry. That wasn't what it intended to be. Besides that everyone follows the track eventually. Glenn, Tara and the new members: Ford, Rosita and Eugene find Meggie, Sasha and Bob trough this track. When the first group arrive there is nothing bad to see. But when Rick, Carl, Michone and Daryl are there it is turning out to be bad. Carol and Tyreese and Judith are still outside, will they find out soon enough, before they go in ? Where is Beth ? What is this place, they are in ? Are they just misunderstood ? Who are does people in one of the containers while the second group runs towards the trap ? Are that Carol and Tyreese, it doesn't seem that way. Many unanswered questions, but also enough to dig up. It seems that season 5 will start on another Governor-like note... When there is a recap-clip online, I will post it...