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TV | The Walking Dead, Season 4

A bit late, but still in time. This season will count 16 episodes, just like last time. Last season it ended up in the US with 12,4 million viewers on the season finale. This time it started with 16,1 million (in the US alone). That is quiet alot of people watching this hit-serie. I started picking up this season a bit late, but I am in to it now. Yesterday was the 3rd episode. I tell you this: it's sick once more. From time to time I had something like this is like S01 and S02 again. Because they have now a save place (at the end of season 3), but what will happen from now. That is more or less this season I wonder. And it already has a strong start-up...

Rick and Carl armed up again, after the decisions they made in season 3. They lost already 12 people (most of them from Woodbury), and counting. This time because of a sickness. They want to get some anti-biotics, but ran into a huge horde of walkers. Just amazingly many of them. And meanwhile the group start to fall out once again. More or less like they did in season 2, and at the start of 3.

None the less I guess this season promises to be good if not better then season 2. In my oppinion that season was a walker-season, if you catch my drift.

To watch the web-episodes prior to season 4, go to: (unless you are in the US, then you have already watched it on the site from AMC). They are the prologue to Rick's awakening in the Hospital of Season 1. <

13th of Oct. | AMC, FOX