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TV | The Walking Dead, End of Season 3

Season 3 had a great ending last sunday. Time to recap in a nut shell.

The group starts with heading to the prison we saw at the end of Season 2. But first it has to be cleared. In the process they luckely don't loose anyone. Lori get's the baby, but she won't make it herself. Carl has the difficult task to shoots his mother. Rick starts to halusinate her later which eventually stops as well. Michone and Andrea continues there story as well. But are captured by the leader of Woodbury. In Woodbury we see Merle back in action. He does the dirty work there. Meanwhile in the prison they come across ex-prison people. They are let in, but there leader is killed lateron by Rick, cause he wants in, to there territory. Rick can't allow that and in the end he kills him. T-Dog is killed when he protects one of the group.

Michone leaves Woodbury, she can sense that the Governor is evil. She heads for the group of Rick. Merle captures Glenn and Meggie when they are out to find food. Later they are recaptured by the group. But in that fight they hurt people in Woodbury. Andrea sees this. And Michone is being accepted by Rick with her fight along side them. Daryl is however the new captured person in Woodbury. He must fight his own brother. When Rick puts up another mission of rescue, Daryl decides to join up with his brother. But lateron he decides they have to go back to the prison. Andrea meanwhile travels back and forth with the tought of stopping the blood-war. At the prison they are taking a group of 4 people, but lateron Rick desides they should leave, more or less because he see's Lori.

The group of 4 reaches Woodbury. Andrea tries to escape Woodbury, and even tries to kill the Governor. Meanwhile Rick, Michone and Carl are searching for more ammo in an old town Rick and Carl know. Michone gains '+ points' from Carl and so she does from Rick. Rick leaves behind a guy he remembers from Season 1, when he just had left the hospital. When they come back the Governor makes clear trough Andrea he wants to settle the score with Rick. Andrea thinks for a moment this will happen safe. But the Governor has other intentions. Michone is what he wants. Because she killed his child who was also a walker/biter. Rick doesn't go trough with this request. And merle becomes a Walker for trying, when he is got by the Governor. Michone returns to Rick, and is deff. accepted in the group.

The war brakes loose. First with a one-way raid from the Governor, deploying walkers in the prison garden. One of the remaining ex-prisoners is killed during this. All the people from Woodbury who can fight are orderd to fight along, for the second raid. But the group at the prison are leading them into a trap, letting them think they are gone... Carl kills one of them in cold blood. They can keep the prison for now. The Governor is going insane and shoots everyone who came a long. He let his side-kicks alive. But also 1 survivor. She is taking in by Rick. They go to Woodbury. Find Andrea who is bitten. She kills herself with the gun of Rick. Michone is staying with her when she does the trigger-move. The people who still are in Woodbury get behind Rick. Cause they are told of the masacre the Governor did to the group / fighters of the raid.

The cliffhanger: Rick takes the people of Woodbury to the prison. Included the group of 4, now only 2 left of them. Carl doesn't agree with this move. But the others decided to go along with Rick. Because of the new voting system. And Rick thinks that Carl wanted this from him. No more un-needed blood-war. The group is now bigger again. And still at the prison. But will the governor return ? The new season will start this year near the end of October.