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DVD | The Maze Runner

So it has been a while since I was in the Cinema. This was however a movie I really wanted to watch. And I didn't knew it was already digital / on disc available. First a bit of comparison between this and other movies. Because if you watch this you will have more then once the feeling you have already watched something like this: Aeon Flux, Divergent, Percy Jackson, The Chronicles of Narnia (all of them) and Harry Potter Deathly Hallows (the maze part). With that out of the way. If you order the DVD/Bluray version of this film you will get the prequel comic book. Which would have been nice in the movie itself. That is immediatly the first and maybe last piece of negative feedback for this film. They could have put a bit more story into it. Even for that length, almost 2 hours. But instead of that you get thrown in immediatly...

Which is also good on the other hand. If you like this kind of movies offcourse. If you don't let this lay around on the floor. But if this is your 'thing' pick it up. As said at first you think did I miss the first installment of this trilogy (which it might be). Or did the movie really start like this... We follow Thomas, who is being thrown in the center of the maze trough an elevator shaft. (Everyone that comes trough there has lost his memory. And only remember his or her name after 2 or 3 days). Together with some other supplies he then comes to know the people who live there. All boys, for some odd reason... (0.5 point of negative feedback). As usual the person is in shock. And needs time. But quite quick Thomas wants to get out. And is curious why nobody else did an attempt. Without spoiling to much: they are busy with it. But the maze is constantly changing overnight. And everyone that is trapped during night-time (when the maze closes) is more or less doomed to die/vanish. Or is getting stung by the animal(robots) of the maze. It's a fight of the strongest. Which involves somewhere around the end the last person who is send to the center of the maze: a girl (Teresa). The real movie actually starts then. And in the end you get a real feeling there is more to come. (Without spoiling too much). I feel like there is a trilogy coming, at least... (It is based on a novel/book).

Out now (Japan, and some other country's: Febr. 2015) | 20th Century Fox, Temple Hill Entertainment / Dayday Films