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So near the end of upcoming month this movie will open up to the public for Japan. At the 10th of March it will release on DVD. I've seen it at the cinema last week. In one of his later weeks (ran since February this year). I've looked back at Night at the Museum 2 earlier last week. As a preparation. All the parts of Night at the Museum are connected to one and other. It may not seem that way. But they are. Necessary to have seen all of them ? Not really, but you understand the series better that way.

So in Part 1 we see Larry in need of a job. And he comes to the National Museum in New York for the job. To find out that the Museum comes alive during nightfall. The old guards from the museum want to rob it tough. But all ends well. In Part 2 we see that the Museum wants to be version 2.0. And that most of the old stuff has to go. It is being shipped towards Washington DC. Where the brother of Ahkmenrah is ruling the Museum. He doesn't need the help of Darth Vader tough. All goes well when Larry is acompanied by Amelia (also a wax piece in the archive). And they free everyone in time to go back to New York. The brother of Ahkmenrah is banned to the dark-side. And all can go home. Larry convinces Dr. McPhee that the pieces of the Museum are interactive/special effects, and that in that way they can fency up the Museum. Part 3 is a different thing tough...

The movie starts with the finding of the tablet of Ahkmenrah couple of years ago. when we arrive at the Museum Larry is planning the big next thing/expansion for the Museum. It needs to be opened in the way he knows from Part 2 (with special effects, wink wink). But all goes wrong, all the pieces from the Museum are going wild/ape sh**. The tablet that has been in the Museum after the recovery in Egypt is corroding, and losing his magic because of it. Causing the pieces of the Museum going crazy, and not listening to Larry any longer. It must be fixed. But Dr. McPhee is being fired by the commision of the Museum. His last act, convinced by Larry is to send him with some pieces to the Museum in the UK (told by the former guard of New York that the other part of the Egypt treasure went there). They go to this place. And come across different kind of Museum pieces. One of them is Sir Lancelot. The movie contains the necessary humor once more...

I won't go any further into the movie. In case of spoiling it for otheres... Other then say it will be a good solid end to the film/series. A couple of things that bothered me in this film were: Nick, the son of Larry is now played by someone else. And the kid does a good job. But doesn't come across believable enough. Like all 3rd parts in movie-land, this one is also ended quickly/a bit rushed. They could have done more, extend it a bit more, but didn't. There are some good nice/new things in this part but overall it could have been more. The end is even more rushed. And (perhaps) not really understandable for the mainstream that goes to this film. Last but certainly not least: Is it worth it ? Yes it is, besides all the negative things about it. And even more so if you have seen the other 2 parts ahead of this. Part 2 already had a down side for the not using Darth Vader in the movie. The down side in Part 3 isn't really bigger then that. And offcourse this is the last film with Robin Williams in it (in person).

Japan: 20-03, DVD: 10-03 | 20th Century Fox, 21 Laps Entertainment, 1492 Pictures