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TV | NCIS New Orleans, Season 2

So last season was the first from SP New Orleans. At first it was more or less the same as Los Angeles but in a different setting. The further the season went on the more difference it contained. A cast of 5 people, instead of more. And later in the season Sonja (ATF Agent) joined them on certain tasks, and in the last episode of the season joined the team. Patton occured more and more as the 'geek' in a wheelchair. Cassius Pride (father of Dwayne) had some interesting moments as well. And there is o'course the thing about Baitfish (who was shot in the last part of the season). So already a big cliffhanger-like. Above there is the promo for this weeks episode/season start. More off the same it seems. But also have the difference in that it is not always about a body... I am excited to see more of Sonja :D

22 09 '15 | CBS