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TV | NCIS Los Angeles, Season 7

So last season we saw some personal stuff from the all the people at SP Los Angeles. And even witnissed Deeks and Kensi being really together. And that the whole crew already knew. And we came to know a bit more about Arkady and his hand in Callen's past. So for this season we start of with Callen of the grid and perhaps being a double agent ? Who knows. Maybe he wants to figure out more about his past. And under his badge he can't do this ? And what about the IA agent who is looking into Deeks ? What about her ? She is already been made by Kensi. And Hetty and Nell also know something about her. And will the relation between Deeks and Kensi influence the partnership overall ? It doesn't seem that way last season.

21 09 '15 | CBS