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As I've recently seen the last part in the trilogy of (The) Maze Runner: The Death Cure I found it necessary to summaries all the parts in one Review. So below the Review from part 1 all the way to the last (3rd) part.

Maze Runner | Thomas enters the Maze through the box, it is giving the kids there supplies once a month. And from time to time a new kid. Thomas is quite a curious guy. And while the group has rules he is questioning everything. The main reason for it ? His dreams, the amnesia that everyone has. After only 1 day they remember there own name. After his arrival he quite instantly fights with Gally (there leader). And he wants to be part of something big / the Runners. The runners are the people who are entering the maze each day. Until they can map out a route towards the exit. No one knows it's a test till that point. Kids die, don't return from the maze or are getting very sick. During the night the maze closes. Everyone who is then still in the maze won't make it out, as so it seems. One of the kids Alby is running with Minho one day, and they don't make it back in time. Thomas jumps to the rescue. Alby is stung by the greavers. Besides the greavers (some kind of robot monsters) the maze changes during the night. So the mapping of the route takes extra long. During Thomas's stay another person is coming into the maze (the glade) this time a girl. Side effect: it's the last one, ever. And the maze doesn't close anymore during the night. So the greavers can enter the glade. But Thomas has a transmitter from one of the greavers. And together with Minho he is finding an exit. Not everyone can live to tell about it. But it's a good first part of the series. WCKD is the orginasation who puts these kids to the test. But at the end it seems the organisation is dead.

Maze Runner The Scorch Trials | At the end of the first part the group has been taken in by rescuers, so it seems. They keep the monsters out. Infected people as well. Soon enough they realise something isn't right. The scorch (heavy effect of the sun, is not really a thing anymore). The world is apocalyptic tough. With not that many people outside of the remaining WCKD and these rescuers. However the rescuers are not completely honoust and Thomas convinces the group to leave. They even take the girl Teresa with them. However, she quite quickly makes clear she actually didn't found it that bed at WCKD (the rescuers are also undercover WCKD people). They however keep on going away and get towards a group of people near the mountains. They are quickly discovered, and Jorge and Brenda actually want to hand over Thomas and the rest in exchange for money. However Jorge doesn't know he has a traitor amongst his gang. And WCKD is on there tail quick. So they need to run. Where to ? Well the Right Arm. They make it in time as the Right Arm is sending out kids to the Safe Haven from time to time. However Teresa has found a walkie-talkie onroute and has contacted WCKD. A huge fight happens and most of the kids / the Right Arm is taken in or killed by WCKD. Thomas escapes with a few others but want to get them back. They first need a safe spot again tough. So this 2nd part is a bit of a cliff hanger.

Maze Runer The Death Cure | The group has found a way to hike the transport train of WCKD. They rescue some kids but Minho is extracted from the train at the last moment by WCKD. They are almost ready at camp to get to the Safe Haven, but Thomas finds himself obliged to get Minho back and kill a few WCKD people along the way. They get to the Last City, here WCKD has closed it self off from the outside by a city-like Maze. On the borders the cranck-people live. With among them Gally. He was dead they thought, but was grabbed by the cranck quickly after that. The cranck want equal rights for everyone, WCKD doesn't. Thomas convinces the cranck he can give them what they want, as long as they can give him an entry towards Mihno. They succeed. Teresa is killed off. A lot of victims along the way. The cure seems to be Thomas, all this time. The Safe Haven is reached.

A 4th installment of the series yes please. Is it coming ? I hope so, but I don't think it will