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TV | Fear the Walking Dead Season 1, Episode 6


So we basicly start of the final episode where we left of last week. The arena is destined to break loose. So the Clark house goes on the move. First to the compound where Liza and Nick are / the Hospital will or won't be when they arrive. Travis wants the captive Marine with them to talk them through the compound. Mr. Salazar and Madison disagree on that but let Travis keep him in the truck. Madison takes Chris and Alicia and the Salazar's are in there car. But when they leave the house and later the main gate into the unknown we can already see Travis was weak to the Marine talks, to cut him loose. Meanwhile at the hospital compound they hear that the transport is coming. But Liza still wants Chris and Travis with her.

Then we cut to the fact that Mr. Salazar comes up to the compound and the two Marines on watch order him to stop or they will shoot. But Mr. Salazar brough an whole army of walkers with him. How ? We do not know. How could he take all of these walkers from the Arena with him ? Then when Mr. Salazar finds out what Travis did he gets angry. But doesn't do a thing. Travis putts Chris on stake-out. But he wants 'in'. Alicia stays behind as well. (All of this in the parking garage nearby. Nick and the pries-kind-of-guy are escaping when the panic is spreading. Nick kept the key from him. He can appreciate it, it's clear. Liza sees the panic outside. And a chopper flying away. Meanwhile the gang is braking in. And Mr. Salazar says that getting in was the hardest part. Ofelia remarks how they will get out. That will be the hardest part he replies. Liza comes to realize that every nurse/people in the compound is trying to save there own 'behind'. Including leaving the patients behind. The goverment nurse finally gets all the panic and anger of the people around her. And sees the last chopper just flying away. Nick and the priest dude gets away but he needs a ride to go towards Abigail (his wife ?). Meanwhile Alicia and Chris are taken by Marines. Chris stands up for Alicia when the Marines are trying to grab her with them. They take the keys to the car...

Meanwhile Liza is outside with all the Marines and sees the walkers braking the gates (who aren't that solid). And bites a Marine who wants then to go with another chopper but is left alone and walks into the back rotor. Bloody ! More fences / gates are getting knocked down. Meanwhile the priest dude (and Nick) sees a walker eating a Marine who has the watch and all the other jewelry still on him. More walkers are coming in. Meanwhile the gang is at the place were Nick and the other 'prisoners' were / are being held. They lets some people out and find out where Nick went. Who is meanwhile blocked by the door they let fall 'shut'. Liza then also comes at the prison place. Travis and the rest arrive at the mess Nick is at. At the last moment Liza is coming with her access card and they can go. But Liza is overwelmed by a walker when they go through the kitchen area. Madison is meanwhile grabbed by another walker at her leg (something we saw in the teaser for this week). Nick saves her. Liza did get bit or scratch in the process, Mr. Salazar then asks Liza where his wife is. And then he knows. When they arrive at the patients room they see the goverment woman put a whole in every patient. The priest says they should go West instead of the desert. He has supplies / prepared for the mess. When they come outside (in the infield of the compound) they see a whole pile of body's who were set on fire. Ofelia then knows her mother is somewhere in that pile. And gets emotional... When they are at the car park they find Alicia and Chris and the car that is gone. But then the Marine they kept captive points a gun at Mr. Salazar. But shoots Ofelia instead (in the arm but still). When she is trying to talk him down. Shock ! Travis then beats the crap out of him (offcourse a lot of anger and misthrust in him, 'cause he let him walk). Everyone looks at that 1-side fight with open mouth/shocked. They didn't see this part of Travis before.

Now they are on the move. Ofelia still with them. They drive along the canal because the freeway and downtown are not an option. Where they see a chopper crashed and burned. But still a walker inside the wreck. They then come at the sea. The house of the priest. Nice piece of housing. Nick then replies to Madison really nice (when she says "we don't know where we're going"): "That's the thing, I never knew where I was going. It's like, I've been living this for a long time. And now... everyone is cathing up with me. Strange...". Ofelia is cleared by Liza, she will survive. Madison goes after her when she sees Liza walking away. Nick catches the priest packing clothes. He is on the constant move. And so will be the rest he makes it clear: no one can stay. So Nick get's it clear they are not staying, then why come there ? He then says to Nick the only way to survive the madness is to embrace it. He then lets Nick see Abigail: a boat, on sea. Madison then sees the scratch Liza has catched in the fight. She wants to shoot her self but can't do and asks Madison. But she don't want to do it either. Liza tells Travis 'who comes on the scene': The bites won't turn you but the infection is not treatable. The rest then hear the gun shot. (When Travis takes the gun from Madison and shoots Liza). It's a 'somehow nice' ending to this season.

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