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TV | Fear the Walking Dead Season 1, Episode 5


So second to last episode of this first season. Last episode we saw Liza, Nick and Ms. Salazar being forced on the truck out of the safe zone. And of to somewhere else. What is the rest going to do. Is Alicia strong enough. Is Ovelia willing to do everything, together with her father, to see her mother ? How will Chris hold up ? And how on earth are the Marines capable of doing this / what is there motive ?

So we start of with one of the neighbours Douglas, who was leaving the safe zone appearantly. He is going nuts because some priest like man is tearing him down of his emotions and feelings. Then this man is looking away towards Nick. While the Marines take away Douglas. At the hospital side of things Liza is patching up people who lay down on field-beds. When she asks about what happened to the previous nurses, Nick, Ms. Salazar or that she wants to talk to her son... She gets a negative/neutral reply from the nurse who is from the goverment. And that they have work to do. Meanwhile Ovelia has stand up to the Marines without luck. And one of the Marines seems to can't handle it any longer. And is about to leave. At the Clark home Chris leaves in anger. Travis is going to talk a bit more with the man in charge and what so-ever to get to Nick, Liza and the others. (And what the hell is going on). Madison goes to the home next door to see if Alicia is there. When she goes into the basement because she hears noises she is faced with Ovelia and Mr. Salazar who are having a Marine as a hostage. And tell Madison that this is THE way to get them home. Madison flips and tell them the Marines won't trade him for there family members. Mr. Salazar is aware of it. But says he has information. And that they can bring back there family members in that way.

Meanwhile Travis is talking to the Commander which is being a typical ass about eveything community wise. Travis is forcing/bluffing his hand by threaten the Commander that he has a lot more to worry about if they don't bring the people back they took that hospital thing. If he is not allowed to talk or see anyone. There are a lot of people who are tired. And there are kids among the people (11) they took. At last the Commander is willing to reconsider. Alltough so it seems. And Travis is going downtown with a truck of Marines. One of the squad leaders tells the Commander that maybe someone else should go because they are already 50 hours awake. But the Commander refuses. Meanwhile Mr. Salazar is preparing his barber tools to 'torture' the Marine they are holding. And that "It's not going to happen" that he is trade for info/Ms. Salazar (who already is missing one foot, because the infection was too bad). Travis and the Marines and the Commander are on there way when they come across one walker in a diner. They force Travis to take the shot. But after a view attempts he just can't pull the trigger. So the Commander is doing so. Then way the continue on there way they get a call from a group that is pinned down. Meanwhile Mr. Salazar has already beaten up / make the Marine bleed who he is holding captive. And asks about a recurring word on the communication device of the Marine: Cobalt. The Marine seems to not know what Cobalt is. So he is tortering the Marine more.

Alicia comes across Chris on the street. And is taking him to a rich family home. Where she is taking all the nice clothes. And Chris is taking the gadgets/toys. Then we get back to the hospital and eveyone with a fever is pulled by the Marines. Appearantly Nick has a fever and the priest man tells the Marines that he (Nick) has NO fever. When they do want to grab Nick the man is giving the Marine a nice diamond ring. So that Nick is put back in his 'cel'. Travis and the Marines are ready to move on. But the Commander hasn't returned and the rest of the Marines want to get back. And say to Trevor that they put him near a safe place and that he can walk the rest home / not to the hospital. Back home Madison hears a big scream. Ovelia did go back to the captive Marine. Mr. Salazar tells Madison he already told his Ovelia how the war back then was compared to now. But that he didn't ever tell on which side he was (while suffering and loosing family). Appearantly the bad-side of war. To survive. Madison just want to know if he tell them what they need to know. Meanwhile Liza is snooping around the compound. And sees the holding 'cels'. And further down the block in a hand-made IC Ms. Salazar. Then a small glimpse of Ms. Salazar opening her eyes. It seems she already turned. Alicia and Chris meanwhile are wandering in expansive clothes (dress up) wondering what happened to the people who lived there. Trashing/smashing up the place. Travis comes back and sees Ovelia in tears/shock. He bursts into his home and confronts Madison. Meanwhile the Marine seems to be still alive. He confronts Mr. Salazar with a story about around a few hundred people. And that they couldn't tell the infected apart from the clean people. They locked everyone inside an Arena. Then Travis is bouncing in and hears about Cobalt. It's an evacuation plan from the allied base of all the troops. It includes Human termination of sick people etc. Then Nick and the priest man are having a talk in which he tells Nick that he knows the Marines are leaving and that he can use Nick with his capabilities. When he makes his move. (To escape). Alicia and Chris goes home during the evening and see the Marines not patroling but leaving. Ms. Salazar meanwhile is braindead. While Liza stands beside her. Then the woman of the goverment tells Liza that everyone will turn of any kind of death. And that they have some kind of device that keeps the brain from resurecting. Liza presses the button, as last honor I guess.

Mr. Salazar has gone to the Arena the Marine talked about. When he meanwhile sees more Marine troops leaving the area. The walkers are coming... So what will happen next episode. Well I guess we can see the outcome of the hospital for sure. Nick will join the priest guy for sure. But will they go back for Nick's family. And will Nick's family go to the desert after all ? With what Mr. Salazar has seen. I think this will start the journey from point to point we also see in the main series. After the last episode next week we will get back to the main series the week after (12 oct.). So hold on tight, last episode will contain a lot. So that that gives us the food for Season 2.