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TV | Fear the Walking Dead Season 1, Episode 4


So the episode starts with everyone from the block inside the fence (safe zone) established by the Marines. No one in, no one out. Everyone outside the fence is basicly f***ed. Chris is on the roof of the house seeing someone outside the fence signing for contact/help. Travis doesn't agree and think it's just the sun. Otherwise the Marines would have said something. It it appearently 9 days since the last episode. And the living room of the Clark family is ready for the 2nd paint. To cover up the stains. Meanwhile some people are getting quite irritated by the fact they need more supplies / have more questions then answers. Travis is being asked by the Commander to talk some sense to one of the neighbours. Otherwise they need to put that neighbour down (as in shooting / detaining him). Travis accomplish to do so. Meanwhile Alicia is back in the neighbours house to get some pieces she left there once (old drawing etc.). The ex-wife of Travis, Liza, is meanwhile helping other family's in there nursing-needs. And Nick has kicked-off from his pills (it seems). Living the rich-life in the pool :) The Marines have put it a curvey for basicly everything. Power, food, water, supplies. And if someone wants to leave or do something out of the ordinairy then they will be detained. Then we Nick using the liquid medicine Liza gave to one of the neighbours. So that's why he is off the pills.

Meanwhile Ovelia Salazar is getting noticed by one of the Marines. And they start to like each other/make out with each other. Meanwhile Madison and Travis have a bit off parenting argument with each other. And Madison gets a little bit paranoid as well. The Marines should have got the medicines by now and the phones to work. But it isn't working yet. They get interupted by Maria the wife of Doug (the men Travis needed to calm down for the Marines). Doug his car, and Doug are gone. Travis finds Doug his car abandoned near the fence. And Madison meanwhile is flashing the flashlight in to the direction Chris saw the signals. And she gets response from it. Travis talks to the Commander in the morning. And appearently they already knew what happened to Doug. But didn't feel the need to inform his wife. Meanwhile the commander is more busy with golf then other stuff...

Liza visits the neighbours again and finds out the man is being take care off somewhere else. And they send in a goverment nurse to do so/to inform Liza. She gets insulted a bit by that the goverment person says: maybe you like to pretend a little longer. (What does that mean ? She helps the people as good as she can with the least amount of medicine she has). Meanwhile Madison has got a fence-cutter and is going outside the zone looking for that house outside the safe zone with the strange signals. Quite weird that it isn't noticed by the Marines who just went pass that point right before Madison did. Madison passes a wall with papers of all the people who are missing. But then she gets further in the zone that is appearently cleared by the Marines. (But is full of body's / the smell of flesh). Then the clean up patrol comes by. And she hides underneath a car. The wife of Salazar is transported to the outside Hospital facility as well. And Mr. Salazar wants to come along (appearently no problem). Outside they find Nick and Liza and the goverment woman are checking up on him. When Liza tells Travis she does great work, Nick looks up all akward/weird. Alicia meanwhile is making the tattoo she got from Matt permanent (it seems). Madison returns and tells Mr. Salazar she even saw body's who weren't affected. Mr. Salazar tells that something similair happened years ago when he was little. His father and the Captain took away people and they said the people would come back. And suddenly they appeared in the water while he was fishing as a little kid. He then is confedend in Madison taking care of Ovelia, might they not come back ('cause people do evil things out of fear).

Then Nick is one of the neighbours homes and Madison hits him when she sees him looking for medicine once more. Alicia wants to take care of Nick when he is taking care of the small wounds. But he is not letting her at first. Travis is on the lookout for Madison and finds her in the garage using alchohol. Then during that night they take Ms. Salazar and Mr. wants to come with his wife but appearently the Marines have another agenda. And want to take Nick with them. for appearently free care from the goverment. Alicia tells Nick to run. Liza is also asked to come a long. While Nick is cuffed and gets put in a truck. Madison then gives Travis the stink-eye and putting Liza to blame, for all of this. Then Travis gets on the roof and sees the signals from outside the safe zone as well. But then followed by shooting.

So what will happen now ? We will see next week... Quite a weird title for this episode: Not Fade Away... Don't know the meaning of it. But I know one thing for sure. Travis isn't as strong as I thought he was. And Mr. Salazar might be right.