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TV | Fear the Walking Dead Season 1, Episode 3


So last week there was no episode. This week we start of with Travis and his ex-wife and son still in the barber shop. Chris sees a couple of walkers up close for the first time. (Inside and outside the store). Soon after that the store next to the barber shop gets broken into and set on fire. Chris notice this trough the fact the walls are getting hotter. The shop owner and his family are deciding to run together with travis for the car / on there own. With that in progress the barber shop gets teared up as well. Meanwhile Madison and her children are safe in the house. The house across the street is deserted after one of the other (walker) neighbours overran the place. They decide to play a board-game: Monopoly. (Even now, in this situation).

During Travis and the others are making a run towards the pick up Ms. Salazar gets stuck underneath a construction wall when the fire department is using the water cannon against the hooligans and such. Travis helps her together with Mr. Salazar. They make it to the truck. But once they discover the wound of Ms. Salazar, they figure out they need a doctor to look at it. When they get to the hospital they see that it is being evacuated. And there are walkers in the surrounding area. Travis and Mr. Salazar are not getting along that well along the way. We see the electrical grid fade away in there area once more. Meanwhile at the Madison house (Nick is getting the upperhand at Monopoly) they hear shots fired. Alicia is getting a deja vu moment with Travis still not back at home. (there father died after vanishing). The electrical grid is going down there as well. As they get a visit from the dog. Who is covered by blood and runs for the front door all barking. Nick looks out the window and sees a walker coming up to there home. Nick leads the rest in to a neighbours house, who owns a shotgun. (Nick knows this from trying to steal it before, and happen to know where they keep the key for the back door). Electrical grid keeps getting back up and down everytime now. They find the shotgun, and now need the shells. Alicia hears the dog again and she sees the walker getting in to there home. Travis then arrives at home. So they make it back trough the backyard. Travis already opens the front door. The dog lost the fight and the walker is on top of it. Madison and Nick are almost there when Alicia gets back for the rest of the shells for the gun. Travis asks Madison to put the gun down but Mr. Salazar takes over and shoots the walker. (Two shots does it). Alicia meanwhile has the other walker chasing her. Chris grabs Alicia but gets a elbow on his nose for doing so (no problem Alicia :p). It appears that not everyone is on the same knowledge-level yet. Nick tells that the neighbour is dead. And Alicia says that the same is not happening to Matt.

Meanwhile the Salazar family and Liza are taking care of Ms. Salazar and Mr. Salazar appearently already talked to his cousin but his family is nudging strangly. When he tells Travis that they will be picked up in the morning. Madison is getting angry at Travis for nothing going away towards the desert. But it's better to stay the night and go in the morning. They agree but Travis needs to take care of the walker neighbour that is dead on the floor. Mr. Salazar joins him and tells him to set him on fire so the sickness can't spread (how does he even know this ?). Travis won't let him. He knew his neighbour and he didn't deserve any of this. Liza meanwhile knows the infection / dead foot Ms. Salazar will get when it is not treaten right. The daughter of Salazar appearently doesn't know Spanish that well (nudge thing between her mother and dad). The rest of family is dead in El Salvador. So no cousin at all then ?! Travis then says something stupid (for a Walking Dead moment): You won't loose me. You never going to loose me. Only if you can... Madison tells Liza that if she ever ends up like the neighbour that Liza has to take point in taking care of the kids. And don't let it be done by Travis. It would brake him. Travis then has a fun moment with greeting the neighbour walker that is still at the hedge. Mr. Salazar meanwhile is teaching Chris how to load/use the shotgun. Travis disagrees and is against guns. Madison goes for the neighbour at the hedge with a hammer. But is stopped by Travis. Mr. Salazar sees that and tells us (as a viewer): Weak. Then later he tells his daughter (when she asks him why they are not going with them) that the good people are first ones to die. Travis and his ex & Madison and kids are then leaving. But Madison sees the neighbour getting home to the walker-wife at the hedge. She fails at letting him go to the back. Madison sees the both of them at first then Alicia and Travis. The military gets there in time and shoots the wife. The military is ordering them to get inside (once they have all there names). Meanwhile the military is checking all the homes. Travis things it will get better now. We end with Mr. Salazar inside the house telling his wife: It's already to late...

So what will happen now ? Now that they are ordered to stay inside ? Will the military stick around ? We know from the original series that even the military didn't stand a chance. Will they make a run for the desert once more ? We'll have to wait.