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TV | Fear the Walking Dead Season 1, Episode 2


So with episode 2 we actually start were episode 1 left off. Alicia is on the road to school/home when she passes the home of Matt. Once in there she finds Matt with a high fever and symptoms of illness. Meanwhile Madison, Travis and Nick are on there way home. But then decide to pick up Alicia from Matt's place. Travis discovers that Matt is bitten. Matt forces Alicia to live him. So his parents can take care of him. Once the Clark family is home. There neighbours are still living there life. Like there is nothing going on. Nick has become ill in the mean time. The doctors aren't in reach by phone (when Madison tries). Meanwhile Travis want Chris en Liza with him. But Chris is not responding. And Liza is not listening.

Meanwhile we see a lot of sh** going on. The school is empty, not even Art is there. All the roads are full with traffic. Police are collecting the bottled water they can find. And Chris (while in the bus) is stuck in traffic as well. As he hears that the police have shot a homeless guy. And an ambulance is rushing by. Meanwhile Madison talks to the neighbour across the road about the way they are suprised there is no one coming to there birthday party of there kid. When Madison is in the school no one is there. When she goes for the medicine Nick requires she is spooked by Tobias. He asks for the obvious: Can I have my knife back... Meanwhile Chris is at the shooting of the homeless. Where the police is not longer capable to contain the situation. Meanwhile Alicia want to go back to Matt but Nick is ordering her to stay. At that point Nick is collapsing of some kind. So she gets back inside again. Finally Travis has reaced Liza. But she is un-awair of the situation. Travis reaches Chris. Chris is just as non willing to listen as Liza (basicly). Liza turns on the TV meanwhile and sees the place Chris is at. When we cut back to the Clark house we discover the electrical grid is going down. Tobias meanwhile describes this towards Madison. No one remains around. Everyone wants to leave. At the school they found Art he is infected as well. And they have heard a couple of metal-detector alarms from the entrance to the school. Tobias gets knocked down by Art when he tries to kill Art. This forces Madison to knock Art down with the fire-extinct.

Meanwhile Liza and Travis are at the shooting spot on the lookout for Chris. Chris is still not listening and rambling about unnecessary shooting. Meanwhile Liza has a look at the body. And the ambulance who are coming to the scene with anti-infectious clothing (don't know the word for it, sorry). The situation is getting more serious and Chris finally runs along. The police/swat are shooting people and try to evacuate the living. Riots are taking over the city. In all the chaos that is caused by the incident/the actions riots are going on without law-enforcement. Travis, Chris and Liza are finding a place to stay at a barber shop. Were the owner not wanting them in. But his wife decides diff. At the barber shop they also have no idear what is going on, appearently. In the evening the electrical comes back up. Liza finally asks Travis what is actually going on. Travis says something like: People don't die, they come back. We have to get far away from all of this...

Back at the Clark home. Madison is finally Back. Nick is doing already a bit better and Alicia still hasn't figured it out. And tries to contact Matt. Nick tells Madison that she was trying to leave but that he stopped her. Madison is going to the bathroom collecting stuff they can need when Travis calls. But the connection of the cell-phones don't last. And the communication is cut. Travis and Madison do have the same plan tough: the desert, where it should be safe. We then end up with the School complete deserted. Matt's his parents are home but the car is half unpacked. The riots in the city are still going on. And the Clark home where Madison still doesn't reply to the questions Alicia has. Then Alicia finally sees what is happening on of the neighbours atack the neighbours of the birthday-party.

One more cast summary (I think):