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TV | Fear the Walking Dead Season 1, Episode 1


So the first Episode of the spin-off (from The Walking Dead) is a fact. We see Nick in an old church building calling for Gloria. Once downstairs he sees a lot of body's coverind in blood / bit. Then he finds Gloria (his girl/hook up appearently). But she has turned. He runs out on the street, just on this spot of safety he gets hit by a car. And is transported to the Hospital where he is strained to the bed because of his talkings about the scene at the church and because he's hi. Meanwhile we get to know the rest of his family. There is Travis the new dad for the Clark family. His wife Madison and daughter Alicia. Once they are with Nick at the hospital his ex-wife is calling: Liza and the son they both have: Chris. Travis has his weekend of child-bonding but Chris won't have any of it. Meanwhile Madison is the boss-lady in the housekeeping and Alicia is a some-kind-spoiled teenage-girl.

Travis and Nick remain in the hospital. Alicia goes with Madison to school. Appearently a strong check-up is in place and a lot of kids are called in sick. One of the students don't believe in the sickness or anything. There is more to it. Madison disagree's. Finally Nick talks to Travis about the church incident. There is no proof what he saw came from the drugs or not. But Nick does understand if that is what his mind does, then he is insane. Travis goes to the church during the evening/night. He finds a fellow Junkie it seems but that guy rans off. And he finds the spot where Gloria was eating up a fellow Junkie and where Nick found her. But the body's are gone. And the blood remained. Then Travis runs off to the hospital again. Travis believes Nick in a way Madison and Alicia don't.

At the school meanwhile Alicia is around her boyfriend Matt, as they make plans for over 1 year and beyond. Travis is teaching class after the incident, for the first time. And is monitored by Art (the director of the school) in the process. For one brief moment I thought Art was turning to a walker. But when Madison calls for his attention we see him during his monitoring of the teachers trough the speaker-system. Meanwhile in the bed next to Nick there is an old men heavy breathing, almost turning ? When Nick gets one strain loose, and reaching for the other the old men goes into shock of some kind. When they transport the men downstairs Nick goes in to his clothes. And he leaves the hospital unnoticed.

When Madison and Travis arrive at the hospital he's gone. And the only nurse there is not in her willing to help. Then Madison decides that Travis should take her to the church. Once there they find the drugs and the book of Nick. But again no body's. They go a (former) friend of Nick: Calvin, but he hasn't seen Nick. Meanwhile Nick is getting across the city. Buying a smartphone. Alicia is meanwhile at the beach, but Matt isn't there. Madison and Travis are then stuck in traffic, and a lot of police are there. They leave the exit they were planning to take after they hear shots fired. The next day they see the footage of that exit. Patients from the Ambulance are turning. Madison finally sees what Nick was tying to say (basicly). The school is calling it half-day. Everyone has seen the footage of the highway incident by now. Matt is still not responding. Calvin and Nick meanwhile meet up after a few hours. Calvin is the supplier of Nick. But nobody should know. (so hush hush ;) ... ). When they get of the road Calvin has a gun and ordering Nick out of the car they took there. In the fight he pulls the trigger on Calvin. Nick makes him self disappearing from the spot. Travis and Madison arrives. And find out about Calvin. (Nick is at first not happy about Travis bringing Madison). When they come back to that same spot, Calvin is not there anymore. Only the gun. When they turning back on the way to the road Travis sees a walker. It's Calvin. Madison is almost bit when she and Travis are trying to talk to him. Nick runs him over with ther pick-up truck. The episode ends with Madison asking her self / the rest: What the hell is happening ?!

So to some up the cast: