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TV | Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 10

SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ANYONE THAT DIDN'T SAW THIS EPISODE ! Nick is completely left out this episode. As it is this time more a Travis/Chris episode. With a slight touch of Madison's party. Both are meeting up with new people

We see the wedding celebration from were Madisonís club was in the hotel. And that the whole wedding party was doomed / one walker among them. The staff locked them in. Then we shift to now: Alicia is counting the walkers passing by the room because the staircases are now full of walkers. When she thinks she is clear she makes a run for it. Only to find more on both sides of the hallway. She goes to the elevator and holds on to the cables. She manages to climb up and finds one of the hotel staff (Elena) from the prologue-part. She seems on the look out for her nephew. And knows there are still some guest in the hotel.

Travis and Chris are reaching a car. Chris goes for food in a fast food joint and finds beans/water. But a group of 3 are already there. But walkers as well. And while Chris is killing them and even saves one guy he runs and Travis just got the car running. During that night the 3 find them none the less. They are introduced as: Brandon, Derek, Baby James. During the camp they put up an early warning system. And talk about San Diego. Travis says it gone just like LA. Travis wants to split from them. Chris doesnt seem to mind there companion. Travis wants to go to the next town with them but nothing more. And then split again. In the morning they spot a farm. And hunt it for food. And while Brandon and his mates incl. Killer Chris want to check more. Travis wants this farm to be there home. But one man is still there and suprises them while in the barn. As Travis is realising there are graves so there must be one person still left on the farm. The thing escalates and Chris shoots the farmer. That is it for Travis he can't help it anymore, to see the same as what the group did see in Chris.

Alicia and Elena manages to put the walkers from the staircase into a room were Alicia can cross from one balcony to the next. And now they can go downstairs again. They come through the wedding hall. Elena confesses what she did to Alicia. Downstairs some guests appear with Elenaís nephew while Alicia is looking for Madison. The guests want the key. They give them the key in return for the nephew and set the walkers free that were behind a door. They go through a service cellar and at the end they are helped by Madison and Victor.

Now where is Ofelia ? Is she captured by guests from the Hotel ? What will Travis do ? Does he send Chris away with Brandon, Derek and a wounded Baby James ? So he can be at rest at the farm ? What will Nick do the next time we see him ? Will he put up a fight for leadership with the doctor of the town ? I sure would hope so. Or he should just left, and then perhaps meet Travis or Chris and his mates along the way.