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TV | Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 9

SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ANYONE THAT DIDN'T SAW THIS EPISODE ! Were last time was a Nick episode this time it's more focused on Nick but also on Madison, Alicia, Ofelia and Victor.

Nick wakes up in the town he was brought to last episode. He wakes up while everyone has left the town and is at the 'wall of death' as they call it. They think it can be out-lived. Some of them have strange marks and should already have turned. They offer people who are nearly sick to the dead. Nick is sceptical about it. As a kid watches her dad sacreficing him self. Nick is also sceptical during the run for supplies at a store now owned by a gang. He does manage to get another cart because they have medication/drugs that the gang needs. For there own people. The town/doctor is not that happy that Nick did this. But according to Nick is that how they get things done. Victor, Ofelia, Madison and Alicia are coming at the side were Abigail was. But its gone. They leave a message for Trevor/Nick. To come north. They find a hotel and while Madison and Strand are filling them self with alchohol. Ofelia and Alicia are clearing the rooms. In one there is water so Alicia takes a shower but when she comes back Ofelia is gone and walkers are throwing themeself down the balcony to ground-level were they walk along. Madison and Strand are also seeing this while drunk and prepare to fight

There is not much that happened this episode in terms that I can describe it. So that's why it's so short this time.