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TV | Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 8

SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ANYONE THAT DIDN'T SAW THIS EPISODE ! So this is the 2nd half of the season. This episode is a real odd Nick-episode. As we only see the others in the memories of Nick. Sofia, one of the workers is going with her kid to her husband outside of town. She points Nick in to the North, Tijuana. Nick makes it to the highway which leads him straight to Tijuana (100 kmís walk). He finds shelter during the night, but when asleep a woman and her daughter are waking him up and the woman almost crashes his skull. He is forced to leave without his back of food and water. On the road he finds some cars with some water and a radio that doesnít work (only static). Then three men arrive in a jeep first killing a walker, but then suddenly killing an old man still in his car begging for water. Nick witnesses this and staring to make a run for it. Once save again he sleeps against an old truck but is waken up once more by savage dogs. He escapes them with one bite mark on his leg.

But then something happens he didnít saw yet (it seems) the barking of the dogs have gotten the attention of nearby walkers. As the two dogs are grabbing two walkers the other walkers are surrounding the dogs and eat them. Meanwhile Nick wants to take care of his new wound, but makes too much noise. And so the walkers are attracted to him. But then out of nothing some gun fire and car horns in the distance. And the walkers are heading off.

As Nick is desperate to move on. He is walking amongst them. And hallucinates somewhat. As he sees memories from being in rehab with Gloria (his girlfriend in the first season). And later being with Gloria in the church where she eventually turns into a walker. He walks quite far with the walkers and then the three men in the jeep show up again. One of them almost recognizes Nick from earlier and wants to shoot him. But still hits a walker instead. As his ammo runs out he is surrounded by the group of walkers. And one of the other three as well. The remaining one leaves with the jeep. A group of three sees this from the distance. As Nick is finally passing out on the tarmac. Only to wake up by the rain at night. He makes it later to Tijuana. There he wants to take care of his wound but then the three (that looked at him from a distance) asks him about his leg bite and are deciding to take Nick with them. Luciana is there leader (one of the three). Once in there camp there doctor is taking care of Nick, as his bite is on the edge of infection. He lives on and is getting to know the camp. It looks like a market place / small refugee village. It has a big wall around it (a bit like Alexandria from The Walking Dead). So where will this lead to ? With only 7 episodes left after this.