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TV | Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 7

SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ANYONE THAT DIDN'T SAW THIS EPISODE ! So in last weekís episode the group reached Thomasís house. Now they can focus on Chris / Nick / the rest. They come to know that Victor shot Thomas (like we, as viewers, did see last time out). Daniel has hallucinations from the past, mixed with the present. He sees his wife while Ofelia doesnít and is frightened by her dad because of all this. Victor is digging a grave for Thomas. But Celia doesnít want this to happen and is angry at Victor. Madison comes between them but canít help the situation; Nick comes in between all and manages to keep it off for now. Madison wants to leave this place. As she doesnít thrust Celia. Meanwhile Chris runs off in to the land surrounding the house. And Daniel wants Ofelia to come with him but loses it and is knocked down by the guards of Thomas. They take him to one of the cellars were Celia wants him to confess his sins and everything. But he doesnít and sees his wife appear again. Who makes him do a weird thing once he is free: go to the walker cellar and set it on fire. Just a view moments before that Madison confronts Celia with the fact she want to learn the way Celia/Nick see the walkers. And they go to that same walker cellar. But Madison closes the door on Celia once she is inside. So when Daniel set in on fire he, the ghost of his wife and Celia are killed. But Madison realizes this later, and so she is still on the lookout for Daniel.

Meanwhile Travis is on the lookout for Chris and finds him at one of the farmers. He keeps the farmerís son as hostage. And he want Travis to leave him ! But Travis doesnít accept it and is maybe, just maybe, finally able to help Chris through this tough time. Nick finds them (as Madison sends Nick to find them before the night falls) but Travis convinces Nick to tell her he didnít find them.

At the falling of the night just before the whole place is on fire Strand must leave, as Celia ordered him to. The rest can stay. But the fire makes an end to that. Strand comes back for Alicia, Madison and Ofelia with a pick-up truck he finds outside. And Nick makes it back in time and tells Madison he didnít find Travis and Chris. But he doesnít want to go with them because he can sense that Madison has done something wrong as he asks who has set it on fire. Ofelia is in tears as she now knows that her father is dead.

This is the mid-season finale. So this second season had somewhat of a slow start but is now on speed. We know have three factions of this group: Nick (lonely out there with just some people of Thomas left), Travis and Chris (they both canít live long in this zombie-world) and; Victor, Ofelia, Madison, Alicia (what will they do ? Does Victor knows another place in Mexico or will they go back to the Yacht ? Who knows). Itís a shame that Daniel is gone. And that they didnít hold on to Celia for a bit longer.