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TV | Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 6

SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ANYONE THAT DIDN'T SAW THIS EPISODE ! So last time out the group got Alicia and Travis back from Connor. So they could finally go to Mexico were Thomas Abigail waits for Victor (Strand). In this episode we make it to the border…

At the border there are some issues, Luis will handle it he says and Victor orders the rest to go to the engine room. Daniel is listening at the door, so he can inform the others when things might go wrong. They do go wrong, but only for Luis, as Victor manages to escape the shooting between Luis and the border-patrol. Victor puts the yacht at full speed as other patrolling guards are on to them. They make it into Mexico. Luis is still somewhat alive tough as he begs for Daniel to give a coin to his mother. For some reason Daniel looks at the coin and knows there is something bad waiting for them. So he tosses the coin into the ocean.

On land Thomas Abigail visits a church on land. Were the priest and all the kids are crying blood after the church-service. The priest tells Thomas that it’s because of the circle shaped ‘candy’ they are providing everyone. And that his mother is causing all this (Celia) - The people of the church want to kill the walkers but Celia has another mindset about it, so she is killing them in return - We don’t see him leave or anything but later we see Thomas with a bite wound at his home.

We cut back to the group who arrives a few moments/hours later. They see the massacre near the church. At the moment they want to leave some walkers appear. The group manages to fight with weapons. But Chris froze and almost kills Madison with it. Alicia sees this and saves Madison. Travis is unaware of this as he is busy with defending his own guts. They make it towards Thomas’s house. And they are welcomed by Celia / the rest of the workers. Daniel is quite sceptic about Celia’s way, as is Madison. Chris confronts Alicia and even threatens her. In return Madison confronts Travis about this. Travis is still not willing to see it. Meanwhile Nick and Celia are connecting on the “walkers should remain among us, they are still family” thing. In the end we see Victor shooting Thomas as he is on the point of turning. But Celia wanted them both gone by giving them the ‘candy’. Daniel already suspected this poisoned ‘candy’ and is planning things, as he comes across the walker-cellar.