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TV | Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 5

SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ANYONE THAT DIDN'T SAW THIS EPISODE ! So it's the 5th episode already this season. Last time out Travis and Alicia were captured by Connor and his men. This episode we start off with Connor making a meal for Alicia. And that while Alicia only has questions. Then the electricity drops away. And while Alicia wants to eat the steak the pregnant lady is taking it away from her and leaves the room. And then even locks it so Alicia can't get out. Once she reaches the top of the building she sees that she is on a docked boat in some harbor. Jack catches her there, and brings her back below deck.

Meanwhile on the Yacht the remaining guy of Connor that was stabbed is still in one piece, unfortantly. And get's on Chris his nerves. Daniel is taking care of the wound meanwhile, so it doesn't escalate to much. And makes him feel a bit more pain. The guy is making statements that he will cut up Ofelia when he gets loose. But Daniel is not that frightenend by it. Once Daniel leaves the room he tells Ofelia, while looking at Chris outside of the room, 'his mind is going places it shouldn't go'. (I guess we call that wrath-feelings). Daniel reports to Madison what he has on intel from the guy. And they go towards the harbor were the 5 boats can be. The henchman comes on deck and orders Madison to turn back because of there time-window. Madison confronts Strand that she could also have left him in the water. Shoud I have done so, she asks ?! Strand makes it clear Madison get's the half-day she think she needs to rescue Travis and Alicia. (They are even now). Meanwhile Jack tells Alicia what she has to do while she is under Connor's 'domain'. Alicia confronts Jack that she can't talk people into shit like he did to her. Travis meanwhile is in a holding-cell. While he attempts to get out Alex is turning up (the asian girl from Flight 462). The boy Jack is gone, and she tells Travis that as some kind of punishment/blame. She gave Connor the location and names of Strand's Yacht. She specifically asked for Travis to get captured tough.

Meanwhile Madison gives Strand more lecture. Because Nick knows how to move, doesn't mean he should. While Strand makes it clear without the henchmen (Louis) they won't make it anywhere. And Nick has potential to do those kind of jobs. Madison don't want Nick to act like that. And get comfortable with killing and stuff. In the harbor Alicia finally picks a boat for Connor and his men. Jack remembers the code but doesn't want to tell Alicia that it's the Abigail. She finds out none the less. And asks why they are at that location. And not with them. She hits him a few times. She wants to know what happens to the other boats. Alicia let's Jack walk over to the good side. And makes sure that the wants to find them. Meanwhile Connor's guy is ranting towards Chris again. Nick comes in between and snaps Chris out of it. It was not him. Nick confesses he wouldn't even shoot a pregnant girl. Alicia got Jack so far that he let's her visit Travis. Travis makes it clear to Alicia, and that if she and Jack makes it out and can find a window to leave Connor's camp they should, and not come back for him. Travis makes it clear to Alicia that she is not to blame for Connor knowing about the yacht, it's Alex.

Connor makes contact with the Yacht and Madison does the negociating. Connor wants his guy back, only as trade she states. But Connor wants him unharmed (how ?), after the deal is done they hear a gunshot. Chris couldn't take it anymore and shot the guy. Ofelia is the first on the scene: Chris states that he was going to turn so he fired a shot at him. He even shot him with the guy's gun it self. Chris hear Louis and Daniel above deck. And kind-off notices that he might screw everything up. And that somekind of trade is now down the drain. Madison confronts him that they will find a way to solve it. Meanwhile the guy does turn while Nick and Ofelia clean up. Daniel comes in the room and sticks him to the wall. They cover him up a bit, and cuff his hands together. While everything is made possible for the trade Alicia has hid herself from Jack and goes to the holding cell where Travis isn't anymore. The pregnant one suprises her but Alicia manages to put her in the holding cell and locks it. At the trade Madison trades Travis and cuts the guy of Connor loose. Once Connor removes the head-cover the guy bites him. Travis is set free by Madison and knocks the other guy out. Alicia confronts Jack that she wants to get back to the family. And that while in Jack eyes Alex told him bad stuff about them. She drops down in the sea. They make it back to the Yacht.

In the teaser of next episode Louis and Strand makes everything possible to go to Baha. But the family needs to stay below deck. Once they hear shots fired it becomes madness. And we see Daniel has cut someone open. So will the remaining men of Connor get back at them ? Or is Mexico/Baha not safe ? We don't seem to get a mid-season finale by the way. As episode 7 will also air this month. And we have 15 episodes in total this season.