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TV | Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 4

SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ANYONE THAT DIDN'T SAW THIS EPISODE ! Last time out the two soul survivors got rescued for a short while by the group, until Strand cut them off from the boat. This time we start with Nick who made it onto land. It seems there is quite a military force awake and running near the boat. He makes it into a camp-site. Where he does the gut trick again after he killed the one and only walker in the camp-site. After the intro we cut towards Travis and Madison. They are clearly pissed that Strand cut the survivors of the plane crash loose from the yacht. Travis doesn't thrust Strand anymore, clearly. Ofelia confesses to Chris meanwhile that she had to put aside almost everything to watch over her mother and dad. After they left El Salvador. Then 3 teenagers come onboard the boat without asking first. One of them seems pregnant. The rest comes to aid, meanwhile Alicia notices that Nick isn't there anymore. Strand notices people on the boat he doesn't thrust and want to go for his gun, but Daniel removed the clip last time. Alicia goes upstairs meanwhile and recognize the boys voice: it's Jack from the radio communication. Below deck the pregnant teen knocks Madison out. Alicia is ordered to tie up the rest while the 3 teenagers look for the captain and Nick. Daniel asks Alicia how they know there names. But Alicia states she didn't mention there names. Strand meanwhile is on a rubber boat. And gets shot by one of the teenagers, including the rubber boat.

We have a minor flash back towards Strand when he was broke but still dressed sharp. It's way before the apocalypse. He drinks with a fellow man, but he passes out soon. And so Strand brings him back towards the suite. Strand steals the man's credit card(s). While the man has a last bit of consious and says "maybe I won't remember". We then cut towards Strand that is still holding on to his rubber boat. Meanwhile on the yacht, one of the three teenagers is threating the group. They realise that they shot the captain on the rubber boat, and he has the keys. Travis confinces them he can hot-wire the boat. As long as they let Chris go. They take Alicia as leverage. The person in lead is called Connor we hear. Jack confesses Alicia that Connor listens to him. Meanwhile Nick has made it further onto the land. We cut back towards Strand's past again. His fellow man found him again, while Strand is living the high-life again. He has a henchman with him who says Strand ows them at least $36.000,- Weird enough the man doesn't sue Strand and wants to make a deal proposition. To get his money back including interest-rate. We cut back to the yacht, Travis is able to buy them some more time. Misleading them to the engine room instead of the control-deck. Meanwhile Madison distracts the girl of the three. Jack meanwhile radio's to Connor, who is somewhere in the area. Is this perhaps the same guy that Strand came across in the past ? Alicia confinces Jack to cut her loose. And that she can be valueable to Connor as long as her family is safe.

Meanwhile Nick is near the appartment he found the details for in Strand's stuff. It's the henchman from Strand's past. Nick asks the henchmen a couple of questions. He is suprised that Nick talks about more then a couple of people: all of us. Madison meanwhile is making the girl scared that her baby might have turned inside her stomach. Travis comes on top again and hides some tools in the couch. Meanwhile Nick gets it clear they can't come to Mexico. There is only place for two crossing the border. Connor seems to be another guy, as he comes onboard. The one the henchman is working for is called Abigail (like the yacht's name). They 'kidnap' Alicia and Travis towards land. Nick and the Henchman make it to the boat. Nick notices there is something wrong. The henchman shots two of Connor's people and Madison stabs the other. Once onboard it seems that Strand is the key towards Mexico. Otherwise nothing happens. Meanwhile Travis and Alicia are still on land. We get one small clip from Strand's past and notice that Strand and Abigail are a couple. Back in the present day they find Strand still floating and Madison pulls him onboard... That is the closure for this weeks episode.