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TV | Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 3

SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ANYONE THAT DIDN'T SAW THIS EPISODE - AND ISN'T CATCHED UP ON THIS SERIE / FLIGHT 462 ! So we start the episode off with the Flight 462 already crashed into the water. There are a couple of survivors. Including the main-boy from Flight 462: Jake. We have a total of 4 survivors from the plane crash it seems. Jake is pretty burned up in his face tough. During the night one of them tries to kill Jake but Alex (the girl) is faster and stabs him. Weird enough Alex wants to keep him alive. And that while she was quite quick on deciding for the rest of the plane that was infected.

On the boat there seems to be a problem with one of the engines. Travis offers his help to get under the boat, to see what blocks the air-intake of the engine. There is a walker with his arm stuck in the intake it seems. But it is still alive and almost attacks Travis. Strand gets a bit upset and angry if Travis tells him it will take pretty long to fix the boat. Because the whole internal piping may have walker parts in it. Travis remains doing his best none the less. On the near coast line the following morning they see the suit-cases from the plane crash. Nick, Alicia and Chris want to check it out. Madison ain't to fond of that idear tough. Daniel and Travis are coming between them Daniel offers to go with them. Daniel slips Mexico out of his mouth, Madison is suprised. And wasn't aware of the plan Strand has. Daniel is putting the diplomatic-talk with Strand into Madisons hand basicly. Because he feels like it wouldn't end well if he did it. (He might have a point there, but it's 'chicken' none the less). In the meantime that they are on the island Travis goes under the boat again to cut the walker loose from the air-intake of the engine. Daniel has quite a solid rule: remain in sight, but Chris is the one that doesn't listen and wanders off to the other part of the island. Chris makes in onboard the remains of the plane. And arms himself with a piece of steel (smart enough). He doesn't pay attention enough tough. One of the people are still alive it seems. Meanwhile Madison have the diplomatic talk with Strand. Which doesn't go as diplomatic as Daniel thought it would go. Madison makes herself absolutely clear. But Strand doesn't seem her as a killer (he is wrong on that part for sure, she can kill. Easier then Travis as I recall).

On the island Daniel is trying to find meds for Ofelia, Nick assist him with it. But quite quick Daniel realises that Chris is nowhere insight. He orders Nick to stay with Alicia while he goes on the look-out for Chris. Who is meanwhile trying to help the survivor. But once free from his chair Chris notices that the back-spine is sticking out from the man. Finally Chris understands what the man is meaning by helping him. The man wants to die. And so he does (will this open up Chris his view on the present world ? Like Travis did with Liza ? I hope so). Alicia gets worried. Nick meanwhile finds the meds that Daniel was looking, for Ofelia. Daniel thinks he sees Chris but it's Alex. Who is running away from the walkers. Nick meanwhile sees a walker who is being occupied with crabs. It seems like the walker eats the crabs alive and well. But his stomach is already gone so they fall right through. The piece of rock he is standing on isn't solid and Nick slips down, towards the same walker. He manages to kill it. More walkers are falling down, into the pit. Alicia meanwhile made it to the plane-wreck where Chris took out the man. Daniel is tossing some shots at the walkers closing in. Madison hears it, and orders Strand to get the engines at least running. Alicia, Alex, Daniel and Chris are quite quickly surrounded. In the last moment Nick comes to the rescue of his sister. Partly covered in guts. Nick didn't realised it yet. But long time viewers will already know that the guts trick DOES work. Once at the boat the raft of Jack and Alex is agreed for being towed behind them. Somehow the third man of the raft didn't make it in between.

It seems like Strand doesn't agree with it one bit. So why did he take the family on to the boat at first place you wonder ? Will he abandon them like Madison thinks he will do once at Baha / Mexico ? We hear Alex talking to Jack. That this is the worst part, from here it will get better, every day a little bit. Madison keeps an eye on him. But then Strand comes in between and cut them loose from the boat with an axe. Madison just looks at him. What will she do ? The teaser for next episode is a total chaos. Everyone has guns and pointing them at one an other. Nick seems missing once again. Chris is held under shot. And Strand is in the water at the end ? This season goes on a steep curve in this way.