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TV | Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 2

SPOILERS AHEAD FOR ANYONE THAT DIDN'T SAW THIS EPISODE - AND ISN'T CATCHED UP ON THIS SERIE / FLIGHT 462 ! *I made an error last week, I wrote down Season 1 for this and last weeks episode. But it is Season 2 o'course... Last episode ended with a wreck near the boat of the group. This episode we start with 2 kids playing near the beach. And then we suddenly see a walker who is washed ashore. Soon another walker follows. The sea don't infect them it seems. The gate prohibit them to reach the kids tough.

After the intro we finally uncover what was in the journal Nick found on the wreck. It states that San Diego is burned to the ground. They want to know alternatives. But Strand only has a couple and the rest don't seem to like it. They convince Strand towards an Island they want to go / seem safe. Once they reach the Pier Daniel and Ofelia insist to stay on the boat with Strand (as securement that he won't leave). The rest goes on land. The house they saw light come from is occupied. The family in the home, lead by George are not willing to let them in at first. But then they do it none the less. George know where they are from / what happened to LA. The military used Napalm to burn it down. He is in contact with other Ranger stations as well. They burned the whole coast line and even closed the border further south. Half the country seems burned / being down. They have 3 kids. One girl, a boy and an older son. Nick and Alicia seems to be find with them but the older one of them goes on a look out quick after meeting Madison. When they are outside again Madison gets the feeling they did put the light on, on purpose. And the whole talk was kind off weird. They sleep on the boat. Even Nick gets a weird feeling about the place.

The next morning we see Chris and the older son going to the beach part of the land. It's where the kids played (it were there kids playing there). They kill the walkers that washed ashore. Chris learns to kill the walkers as well. Travis doesn't seem to aprove this new behaviour of Chris. Travis helps George to repair some fences and stuff. The land across seems okay. Alicia draw the drawing she got from her boyfriend on the entry list of the Ranger house. Meanwhile Nick is looking for drugs. And finds some in the mini globe of the study were George keeps all his books but it aren't pills to get high or something. They are poisoning for sure. Madison is helping George his wife with the fruits and such. Meanwhile Strand and Daniel see that the boat that was following them left. Madison questions the wife signaling with the light. She wants her kids to grow up somwhere else if possible. George and her are not going to leave, thats for sure. Daniel meanwhile has found the secret stash/plan that Strand has. He wants to go to Mexico. We even hear Strand saying it on the phone, in the house from George. Once they are at a point the kids want to go with them the young girl has took one of the poisoning pills Nick talked about. Once she opens up her eyes she has already turned. She attacks her mother. George refuses to go with them. But let them take his boy with them. Just before they can leave the older son comes onboard and takes the boy back. (With quite a lot of force, Daniel almost shoots him, but waits on Madison's signal). The older son kills his mother who has turned and came down the Pier.

In the sneak peek we finally see that Flight 462 is joining them on one of the Islands. Nick and Travis seem to be in trouble at one point. And the group seems not happy with Strands plan to go to Mexico...