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TV | Fear The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 1

So last week was the last episode of Season 6 of the regular show. This week we start with the 2nd season from the spin-off. Last season we ended with Strand getting the group to his villa. But when they were about to get closed in. Strand made it clear he had a yacht on sea with a lot of supplies. We start this episode with the group going towards the boat during night-time. SPOILERS AHEAD FOR EVERYONE THAT DIDN'T SAW THIS EPISODE YET ! So Liza was shot by Travis during the final episode last season. But Chris is still emotional by it. And won't leave his mother. Travis in the end takes Liza in her bodybag onboard of the yacht. They nearly make it, as more and more walkers close in. So now they are all on the yacht: Madison, Travis and there kids: Nick, Alicia and Chris. Ofelia and her father Daniel. And o'course Strand himself. Now between the end of last season and the start of this season we had a web/tv mini-serie called: Flight 462. That is connecting with this series (Fear The Walking Dead). You can even see in part 16, the part were Nick is going through the houses in his neighbourhood. But in that last part we don't see it land or crash. So what has happened to that / everyone onboard ?

It's quite awesome to see Nick killing a water-walker with the motor of the boat and to see the view of a burning L.A. as a background. Strand makes it clear they could go all the way to El Salvador if they don't stress the engines of the yacht too much. Quite soon they come across people in a rescue boat. Madison and Alicia are quite determined to help them. Get them onboard. But Strand and Travis don't see it that way. Strand give them a final answer: If I stop the boat it's for dropping you off not for letting anyone else on it. Which mind seem harsch, but we've seen worse. Alicia meanwhile is hearing on the radio that the Coast-Guard services are not available. Strand meanwhile clearify's his reasons towards Nick and the plan to go to San Diego. Travis and Madison have a fight in the mean time. Who should they safe ? Who should they trust ? It's something we know already from the main-serie o'course. Take care of your own and go from there. Alicia doesn't want to sleep and is just holding on to the radio were suddenly someone is playing old tunes. And asks around for anyone alive. Alicia hasitates at first but then replies to it.

In the meantime Chris doesn't take it well that Liza his mother has passed away. He finds comfort in Daniel tough. Who has lost his wife only a fraction sooner then Liza (during the 'hospital madness' in L.A.). They decide to go fishing from the back of the yacht. They actually catch something as well. Below deck Nick bumps into Ofelia. Which is still a bit wounded. They all seem to struggle with there own part of drama/failure/etc. Madison for example is thinking about Liza dropping into the water, it's deep enough. Alicia is still talking through the radio who is going to Hawaii it seems. Daniel doesn't trust Strand that much. They are saying goodbye to Liza and giving her some kind of funeral onboard of the yacht. Travis is keeping his talk and in the end it seems like Chris wants to say something as well but puts his mother overboard quite soon. Chris then takes out all his anger on Travis. Which he just sees as a killer and not for saving his mother from far worse. Alicia wants to help the radio-guy (Jack) but Strand doesn't see it that way. And makes it clear once more. It's his boat and his rules. They can't afford others.

The last couple of minutes show us the group eating and drinking for dinner. With Chris still in a down-mood. Going to the back of the yacht where he sees quite a lot of fog. When no one is paying attention Chris jumps into the ocean. Nick is jumping after him when they hear the splash. But Chris says he is just out for a swim. Nick goes for a dive. But when he is trying to surface again a walker is in his way (swimming). He makes it in time but then is hearing others in need. The rest onboard is warning Chris soon after. There is a wreckage nearby. Which seems to be the cause of the walker swimming. Travis goes after Nick who is now already in the wreckage (boat or something). And is strugling with a walker. On that 'note' he is leaving the wreck. With a yacht log in his hand. Strand is on alarm when there is something coming for them on the radar. They are just in time all onboard the yacht of Strand again. Madison tells them that who ever did put the wreckage there / caused it is coming back. And it's coming towards them fast. That concludes the end of this weeks episode.