Preview | The Division

At the end of January Ubisoft gave a few gamers out there a taste of what this game was about. After seen it 2 years and a bit before this point the hype was a bit down-sized. More or less because the whole hype about the snow-flake engine seemed to melt away under Ubi's feet. Most of us even saw a trailer of the alpha game in comparison to the E3 footage. But Almost everything - interface wise - that was shown on the E3 was in the Closed Beta none the less. And the game did look good. Not as great as back then on the E3, but far less worse then the comparison showed us. And it's a better outcome then Watch_Dogs was. The missions in the Closed Beta was something that was 50/50. Some people liked it very much so, others not so much. There was only 1 main mission and a couple of side-missions. But if you wanted to do the side-missions for 100% instead of rushing through them then they took almost just as long as the main mission from that Closed Beta. So mission wise I was happy. Map wise I was happy as well. Altough it looked like the map was very small. Lateron you could go into the Dark Zone. Which is a PVP (Player Vs. Player) area. In there a lot to explore. Between those things also an underground sewer system. The map might be small, but you are doing everything on foot ! The interiour of some houses are well done. The garbage on the street is somehow believeable. The menu's are working fine/perfect. The shadow-tool works differently from the E3 footage, but works none the less. And you can even learn stuff from them (which I didn't know was the case). The map-view works also a bit different. But works well. The waypoints are a bit overdone. The whole time you see an orange line above your head, an arrow would've been enough. Shooting is well done for a basic shooter, don't expect every weapon to handle differently. And the enemy's can withstand a view bullets easily. But when you hit there gas-tank it will explode very nicely. And it does work and can happen multiple times. Not easy, but it CAN be done. The side missions are diverse tough. Retrieve something, rescue someone, trace something or someone, help the people of New York getting food and stuff. And o'course you are constantly searching for a why (why did the disaster happen). And you are also expanding the base of operations.

Meanwhile at the end of this week we can enjoy the Open Beta. And Ubisoft did everything they could to keep this Beta ON schedule. So Xbox One players can enjoy it tomorrow and then the 19th untill the 21st if for the Playstation 4 and PC. You can level up a bit more. There are a few new missions. New items. And the Dark Zone has been updated. Hopefully it will give a (better) good sense of what the end-game will be like. Because the Closed Beta was a real small taste. (I could only test it on Sunday and Monday, others had since Friday). But the network/servers were stable so that's good. Hopefully they can maintain this ratio during Open Beta this week.

Oh and the explosions and snowy-weather is awesome !

8 March: PC.PS4.XOne | Ubisoft, Massive Entertainment