Special | Summary 7
Let's begin with some gameplay footage from Mafia 2, followed up by the reason that I posted this within the Summary series...

The reason why I posted this is first of all because of the fact that it is Mafia ! The realistic look upon the sandbox games. The 1st part came out just a bit after GTA 3 and now this second part is coming out a year later then GTA 4 and it still has this realistic touch and feel. But when I say it came out, I meant when it should came out. Cause Mafia 2 but also a couple of other games have been moved towards 2010. For example: Alan Wake (pc version), Bioshock 2, Max Payne 3 and Heavy Rain... Most of them because of additional development time that is needed. Others because of the fact that the game would bring up more money when it comes out later.