Special | Summary 4
This week codemasters came with more information about the F1 game they are making for all platforms, including the Wii and PSP ! The Wii and PSP are getting F1 2009 at the end of this year. The major consoles and PC are getting F1 2010 somewhere next year. Why codemasters are going for this strategy is not clearly. But we think because of the fact that Wii and PSP are easier and quicker to build for (graphical lower on specs.). We will keep you up and 'running' if we will hear more.
Next thing I want to talk about is the name of the game that I played at the end of last year: Swords & Soldiers, this game from a dutch studio of university students... is quite good and you should all check it out ! I and a friend of mine were having great fun with this game. It's a mixture of Age of Empires with some special power for each tribe. You can compare it with worms only then with troops you would find in an Age of Empires game. Next time I will do a small preview of the game with a teaser.
Last but not least, my eyes were popping out of there cases when they saw the news that Eidos will probably announce the next Thief game on the E3 of this year. (Or did they already made the announcement, never the less it's great to have him back... Another stealth / assassin thing is: Assassins Creed 2, I won't give it too much attention (because that is something the game will get without me or anyone else in the game industry). But I will advice you to play it when it will be released at the end of this year / early beginning of next year.