Special | Summary 3
A lot to talk about in this time summary. Let's start with the online community game: The Hunter... I've talked about this game last summary and I wanted to let you know my experiences with it. Maybe it's because the game is in it's early stage of releasing, but to me it all made an impression I want to forget as soon as possible. The game does it's thing good, no offense. But it's not really an accesable game for the normal gamer ! It's a Hunting 'Sim' game and not a 'Hunt' game. So unless you want to be disapointed: play it.
Then: Bioshock 2, the 1st part of this francise was stunning (in looks) but quite a donkey if it came towards gameplay, and taking you away in it ! This part must make up for it. And the announcements are promising. You play as Big Daddy, and you are getting the opportunity again to do / deal with the girls how you wish. Murder them for adam or let them work for you, to get adam the 'nice' way. Your enemy in this part will be the Big Sister (Maura Clube)! The one that kept alive after your last visit (10 years ago (story line basis)). You are also getting to know how the girls are getting the adam from body's that are spread out in the game ! Overall the game can impress us already in announcement's but can it do the same when it's getting released later this year ? (
Then 2 more little things are left (to talk about): NFS Shift and H.A.W.X. ! The Need for Speed franchise will continue. The question is in which way will they continue. They are speaking of a sim-like racing game right now, but will it be good. You know that I'm trough with this franchise, and so are others . This will be a disaster once again, and if not then it will be really good (non the say perfect). With H.A.W.X. it's different I did not have the change to play this game yet. The PC version let me wait a bit longer. I hope I can say more about the game next weekend ! I really hope so...