Special | Summary 28

The last Summary was from mid. 2016. Since then there was no need for a Summary. This has changed recently, so therefor this Summary. If you have some headlines/story's for me that diserve to be placed here, look at the Contact/F.A.Q.-page.

THE DIVISION | This game has already a player-base. And has had multiple instances of free-weekends. But now Ubisoft has released a 6 hour-trial for the game. This is available since the 28th of February. It's like these Zuma-trials. You can download/play the game for a total of 6 hours. So you can play it for several days or in one stint. I will do so somewhere next month or so.

PROJECT CARS | I finally played this game on the Xbox One a couple of days ago. (Because I have a huge back-log). The game suprised me quite a bit. Yes it is harder then most race-games. But also enjoyable. You start in the career-mode with Karting events. After that you are little by little introduced towards the formula cars. On graphics level it's also quite strong, if not the best at the moment of release. When I am finally done with my back-log I will play this game for sure.

FORZA HORIZON 3 | Yes, this game is already a couple of months old. And I talked already a bit about this game in earlier pieces. Till so far I haven't brought back my steering wheel for it. Because controlling the game through Keyboard is quite nice/good. Online and in Co-op are also very well build-in. The only down-side from this game is that the Single Player Story-mission, as I know it from Forza Horizon (1), is way shorter. And you are left with a lot of races. The other somewhat downside, is that the the whole gimmick - of creating your own championship/races - is to optional. It would have been nice if they implemented this a bit better into the games story, and explained it a bit more. The showcase events are also less available then before. But that isn't a big point for most of the players.

WATCH_DOGS 2 | Yes it's already a couple of months old now. But there is a demo available for this game/for players who want to find out how much better it is then Ubi's first attempt in open-world games. But it's more like a trial, just like The Division 6-hours trial. Only this is limited towards 3 hours. You can play Solo and Co-op in this demo. And you can explore the whole game world/map.

GHOST RECON WILDLANDS | As you may have seen I did a Preview about this game recently, when it was in Open Beta. The game has been released on the 7th of March. I was quite suprised on how they implemented the open-world into Ghost Recon. I was very sceptic about it, at first. But they did well. Flying, driving, combat is quite good. The team-mates however are more stupid then in Future Soldier. And are quite often running into combat. While the enemy is waiting for them. Hopefully this will be solved through updates/patches.

SNIPER ELITE 4 | I have two extensive play sessions with the Alpha version of this game during Gamescom 2016. And the game was recently released. I think I will do a combinated Review/Special about the game. In combination with Sniper Elite 3. But the back-log must be out of the way...