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So after all the Summer Sales and E3 chaos. I got the time to play 3 free games on Steam. And give them a go, to see if they are any good to be free. Or that they should be deleted from the Steam Store (in all fairness). I will do a little Review about them in the order that I played them (some only for a brief moment). On the bottom I have there release date and such in that same order.

RED TRIGGER | So this is one of the many Portal clones. O'course Portal is very succesfull in what it does. But every now and then there is a clone who takes a different approach to the same kind of puzzle-level. In this you have a gun with 3 energy bars. These energy bars lets you extend the red pieces in the abstract world you will move around in. It's most of the time quite square like / rectancle / almost round. And you have some square'esk lava pits. You can move 3 red pieces at once. And switch the red piece you are standing on Off or all 3 the pieces at once. Then you have the switches and floors that are opening stuff, those are blue ! So it's quite abstract. Which make it more fun for people who have sight-problems (I recon). And it's free, so everyone can give it a try. I had quite some fun with it. But after 10 minutes the fun was over for me. I did to much Portal I guess. I can't help it !

LIFE IS STRANGE | Episode 1 is free at the moment, don't know for how long. But you can let it be. The game has something in the style of Fahrenheit. A game in which you can manipulate certain things in life. In this game you do that by controlling time for a short amount of time. The only main complaint I have about this: the dialogues and the amount of sound-focus that it lacks or has to much of. It makes it annoing to play. So I stopped after 30 minutes or so.

BRAINBREAD 2 | Appearently this game had a first installment as well. I don't understand how this can be. The tutorial can't be succesfully completed. Your stuck at the first obstacle (jumping). So I have only 5 minutes in this game. In comparison you can better try Life is Strange. And let this game hang on the store for a very long time. This should not be on Steam at all ! Yes it's in Early Access but it's also under GreenLight. I guess it tries to be to much Left4Dead.

08 07 '16 | Maxime Vézina, Maxime Vézina
30 01 '15 | Square Enix, DONTNOD Entertainment / Feral Interactive
20 07 '16 | Reperio Studios, Reperio Studios