Special | Summary 26 (E3)

So as promised last week I will now go through this years E3. But first some stuff that was announced in front of the E3.

WATCH_DOGS2 | Now this game is difficult to judge. The first installment was terrible when it got released in the end. This seems to be more of the same. All be it that the down-tuned the engine upfront of releasing the game. It doesn't look bad. But the gameplay does ! It's the same as far as I saw it. Which can be good, but in case of Watch_Dogs it isn't ! It will come this November, if anyone is interested in this...

AGENTS OF MAYHEM | A game created by Deep Silver and Saints Row creator: Volition. It looks very suprisingly. Cartoony, a team of 3 pirates you are controlling. An enemy in the likings of Jafar from Disney's Aladdin. Some future setting with drones and such. Quite curious about this title. It is releasing somewhere in 2017 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

SYBERIA 3 | The franchise was always on my radar but never touched a game of this franchise. Maybe this installment will change it. It looks gorgeous. The trailer the story continues. It is still the original team. The music is a big part in these kind of games as well. The music is lead by the same team that did Prince of Persia and FallOut, among other projects. At the start of winter this year (December) it will be released.

Now the games at the E3, that were stabbing my eyes/brains out (in a positive way).

BREACHED | A Sci-Fi adventure game in a distant future-desert. Made by an indie-studio. Till so far there is only a fly-over of the map available.

DEUS EX: MANKIND DEVIDED | Now this is a game many of you are already following. But more of the game was shown during the E3. I am still in love with this franchise after I began with it in Human Revolution. You can go for action packed shooting or stealth. It's up to you. I will put up a special about this game very soon. The game will come at the end of next month. And I hope I will be able to play it at GamesCom (Germany).

THE TECHNOMANCER | A bit of Rage, a bit of Borderlands. And a lot of Mad Max (the game). Interesting trailer. But nothing more. It came out at the end of June appearently.

FAR | A bit of Limbo, a bit of Trine. And a bit of other games who have the same feel (Unravel is also such a game). Very interesting. It will come early 2017, on PC and Xbox One. It is a complete new indie-developer by the way.

FE | Is a game which only has some images from the gameplay. It's till so far unknown when it comes out. Just like Unravel it is from a Swedish developer. So EA may have found a country who can provide them with a lot of succes. Till so far it's multi platform, without the Nintendo part. Which is a pitty, because this could be big for Nintendo as well.

MAFIA III | The wolrd of Jazz. The rise of afro-americans in the United States. And the new phase of Mafia-gangs. I've seen already quite much from this game. The E3 showed some more. Already hyped for this. And I almost know for sure it won't let me down.

DISHONORED 2 | Just like Mafia III, already a lot has been on display for this title. The first installment was fun. Thief was also in the same frame as Dishonored, which made the market devided by two groups. Hopefully the second installment can glue this together again.

FORZA HORIZON 3 | Has many new things to deliver. But one of the main aspects and why I am interested is: The co-op function between Xbox One and PC (Windows 10 only). It will come at the end of September this year. Look at the footage below, to be blown away (Xbox Showcase). You must have a powerfull beast for this. But for this I will put my stearing wheel back on my desk (PC Gamer overhere).

STATE OF DECAY 2 | Where the first game of the franchise was already solid good. The 2nd will be just as good I recon. It will come in 2017 for Windows 10 (PC) and Xbox One.

GHOST RECON WILDLANDS | This game is positive in only one way till so far: a new Ghost Recon game. The open-world part/the bugs that come with it are horrible till so far. It will be out on the 7th of March 2017.

DAYS GONE | Is a similair game to State of Decay. The difference: PS4 exclusive. It looks and seems to be good. A bit more like The Walking Dead (the TV series) in some spots. It has no release frame yet.

HORIZON: ZERO DAWN | A prehistoric game I would love to play. PS4 exclusive as well. The exclusive titles of Playstation are really good this year. Curious what this game will bring at the end of February next year.

HAWKEN | It is finally coming towards the Playstation- and Xbox Gamers. And will be out this summer. I am hyped about this game on my PC. So for the consoles it should be good as well.

NIOH | Is a game in the vibe/setting of Ninja Gaiden. I can sense a bit of Devil May Cry as well, a game franchise I hate. So I hope it's more like Ninja Gaiden. Only on PS4 :(

THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: BREATH OF THE WILD | It looks cartoony. It has some new bits and pieces. And is coming for the Wii U. And perhaps also for the new Nintendo console. Which still needs more uncovering.

PREY | The game is getting a reboot. Hopefully now it will be well-timed. Because when this game came out originally it was flooded by other shooters. It will come in 2017. Looks awesome, and the idears are amazing.

With Prey we close down the list of E3 games. There are a couple of interesting games being released at the moment. So I will go through them, and as mentioned Deus Ex: Mankind Devided, next week. Hard Reset Redux, Inside and Evolve.