Special | Summary 25 (Steam Summer Sale and more ...)

So this years Summer Sale on Steam was different (in a way). Every game that would be on sale was actually on sale for the whole Summer Sale long. The card-collecting should get a make-over tough. I was every day picking my queue to get cards and in the end I didn't had enough cards (all of them that is) to create 1 badge. Not 1 ! The doubles I converted to gems, which I do since last year (or even the year before that). Because the trade system seems to be broken overhere. Unfortantly this was another Summer Sale (for me) with searching for a refund (on two games actually this time). I will just go through the list (starting with the two rotten egg's):

THIS WAR OF MINE | The game seems to have a great idear. The footage is fine. The graphics have a nice touch towards the whole game in general. It plays OK, but people with this kind of surviving game I want a tutorial. And with me more people wanted that from this game. It does not explain much. Has no spoken dialogue, and that while dialogue is an important factor in this game. If it distracts in a game, I am down with it. But the game that lives or dies with it should have it spoken out loud. The tutorial thing is where this game crashes on. I managed to survive 2 days. And the 3rd day some of my crew died. It seems like no one of the group is a real survivor. They are sick, hungy, sleepy. Not able to run for a brief amount of time. Weak in fighting with there bare hands. How can they be survivors. You can do a kind of sandbox mode and then it goes a bit better. But then another evil aspect kicks in, you are then always to slow on crafting and facing enemy's with guns really early into the game: a.k.a. day 2 ! The whole crafting and looting is done well. And has some stealth aspect to it. But it's just not complete/finished it seems. In my review on Steam (username: HJC86) I stated that State of Decay is better. And it is. And it's in 3D ! I played that game on Xbox 360 or One (can't remember), and while it's not my favorite genre nor game. I liked that game more. So this was my first refund...

ONIKIRA - DEMON KILLER | So when I saw this game I didn't think I will refund this quite quick. The game mentioned above I played for over 70 minutes. This game I only played for around 30 minutes. The start was already bad. It started with the message "controller recommended", state that on the store page ! And make it "controller is a minimum requirement" ! This game breaths controller-gameplay. The keyboard doesn't fit it. Which is really bad, if you think of it. The game it self is okay. Altough I couldn't manage to beat the first level. But I guess it's 70% because of the contols. Mark of the Ninja is better (which I own since the Summer Sale of 2013). Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z is better, the last one is a semi-3D game. But the both are far better then this. Mark of the Ninja can be hard, but not like this. It's too bad, this could be good. The menu and controls are really hard to adjust, just like the game basicly. So yeah my 2nd refund... (Almost like FLY'N last year).

GARRY'S MOD | It really doesn't need explaining. Want to mod with the back bone of Half Life, Portal and Counter Strike ? Then this is for you. Want to play some Multiplayer stuff with your friends and such ? This is for you ! It has many community modes. Which are quite hillarious (finding props, finding people, hide and seek). I just needed to have this for the € 2,- something that it was during the sale.

REUS | Now this was a doubtfull decision. Should I buy it or not. But it's better then Ubisoft's world/element creator: FROM DUST. You have element-gods: water, stone, nature. But it's not really a god-game but a puzzle-god-game. You have to keep everyone happy. The globe, the people, the animals. Everything. It's been fun till so far (30 minutes in to the game).

THE STANLEY PARABLE | This was also a doubtfull one for a long time. I played the demo once. And played the game at a friends house a couple of years ago (2 years ago I believe). But finally I bought it. It's from Oct. 2013. But still it's good. It breaths a bit of Portal. And a bit of point-and-click from the ol' days. I played it just briefly for 10 minutes. But I am already hooked to the system.

So the tree games that were good costed me € 7,50 together. Besides the Summer Sale there was also the E3 just in front of it, for the most part. I will get through those games next week. So stick with me on that. And I played the demo of the new DOOM, which I was just in time for (because it was extended, and I was not able to play the closed béta back then). There was one game I almost bought on Summer Sale but then I found out it was cheaper on Kinguin (a Steam key sell-site (among other stuff)). That game is called:

STRIDER | .. it is something from the past for me. I played it in MAME32 on my old Windows system. The new version has mixed reactions to it. But I like it. Altough I am stuck for now at the first level boss. It's manageable and quite fast paced. I really like the graphic style. A bit like Viewtifull Joe (on GameCube) only less busy on the screen. It's awesome for the € 2,- that it costed me. Try it, otherwise refund it (if you bought it on Steam).