Special | Summary 24 (Steam Summer Sale and more ...)

So this years Steam Summer Sale colided with the E3. So some sites were having troubles covering everything. But I managed to get my sources right and find what I was looking for. Both E3 and the Summer Sale. Okay the Steam Summer Sale started earlier and ended later (then the E3). But still it was hard to find the games I wanted / who stood out from the crowd. It almost looked like everything was on sale. So most of the time my wishlist is there to help me out. But I didn't feel much like spending this time. And my wishlist doesn't contain small-priced-games. So I had to look for them. There was this one game I really liked from the start (that I saw it): Life of Pixel. And I had one game of my wishlist, but on my mind: Bastion. So that was an easy buy. But I didn't want to leave with just that. Two games are just a bit short for a sale. So I went looking and in the end I came up with these 4 titles, in the ending stages of the Steam Summer Sale 2015 !

BASTION | As said this game was on my mind but not on my wishlist anymore. I remember playing the demo, and I was hooked to the easy mechanics and the way it looked. Now that I own it, it is something you play with quite a ease. You can't really die in the game. And if you fall down you will get thrown back on the spot were you left off, most of the time. The only things that can kill you, are the area-bosses. The way you navigate throughout the game is nicely done as well. You just have a fly-spot on your home-town and from there you have a map overlooking everything. You have a few different weapons along the way. With each of them you can train yourself, to get better with the weaponry. The enemy's may look tough but are manageable. The dialogue is the most refreshing thing that I came across: the person who came up with this should receive an award ! At the start he tells almost exactly what you should be doing and what you actually do. And later it gets a bit less. But still the dialogue does it, if you ruin everything the dialogue will tell you about it. If you have troubles with some enemy's it will tell you that. It may sound like a angry- making-mechanic, but it isn't. Because I didn't expect it, the way it is put in to the game... The home-town gets bigger and bigger according to the cores that you collect, and the shops that you open. And the weapons have special things. The only bad-part I could find till now is that the counter-moves don't seem to work properly from time to time.

FLY'N | From a good game to a terrible one. It was a good game in the way of finding out if the refunds worked (on Steam), and yes they do. So I received the 2,99 back, that I payed for it. But it's a terrible game in the way of being a game. It is weird that people approve this some way. The controls aren't explained that much / very poorly. The game looks good but the controls suck hard. I could really sense that this game was made with a controller in the back of the developers-mind. At least say that before someone buys it: look out this is a game which requires a controller to be played the way it should. There is another game that is doing almost the same: Fork Parker's Holiday Profit Hike. But that one is still playable. And not as frustrating. The first two levels I could manage but the third one is the one that I kept dying on. After a couple of minutes I had enough. A game without a tutorial, that looks great but can't be played at the same 'great' level. Just really frustrating.

ICHI | A puzzle game. Quite easy but challenging as well. Many levels already inside the game. And the community can make even more levels. And that for 0,49 it was worth to buy. Haven't played it much but from what I played you need to have a good set of reflexes and mouse-control. Yes, this one is a PC game for mouse and keyboard.

LIFE OF PIXEL | A game for the 'nerds' explaining everything about the good old home-console days like the Atari 2600. And the early days of home-computers like the Commodore 64. You are a Pixel, no really. And you play through the history of gaming. Starting with a Sinclair ZX81, and from there onwards to the Atari 2600. Everytime you start a new console / or get back to it, you will get a short summary of what the console has been like. And what the specifications were. Every console has about 8 levels, which are all in one screen (as far as I played it). And every level has something from that era/the games that you could play on the system. Meanwhile you can collect certain secret collectibles. Which give you in the end (if you have collected them all). An extra Sega console to play on. Sometimes you get frustrated by not making it in one attempt. But the dead-counter just goes up. There isn't a penalty for it while you play the game. The graphics are typical platformer, the controls are easy. You can really long jump if you have to, with momentum. The enemy's are funny but can also harm you.

With that out of the way I looked for something to replace Fly'N, but till now nothing has came up. Played the demo from Abe's Exodus and such, but they were horrible to watch. I have found one game that might be interesting, but I am not sure on the controls yet: Blade Kitten. A platformer with some Prince of Persia elements in it. And a floating blade and some nice sick Ninja moves. Oh well. It looks okay. And the characters are almost Japanese like (big everything, if you catch my drift). Further more I will soon follow up on my Steam-gaming with: Portal Stories - Mel that came out last Thursday the 25th. I have already played it a bit, and is really though. Last but not least I've seen the Steam controller and don't really get it why it costs that much. I mean come on, 54,99. It is limited in existence it seems. So only four percent left of it. (Pre-order stock I hope). On October the 16th it will be released. So you can use Steam Big Picture on TV. And use it on the Steam Link. And everything. I find it a insane price. Sure it is customiseable but still for something that appearently need a lot of tweaks it's expensive ! If it's on sale I might think about it. Even more so when you can also use it as a regular controller with your Xbox (but that last thing won't be the case I presume).